Friday, July 6, 2007

Conference is coming! Conference is coming!

X-post blog... :)

Well, today is Friday, and I have FOUR Flippin' days to get my crap together for Dallas next week!  Um... Okay, so I'm mostly organized. I bought a new purse today, mostly because at some point I dropped my busincess card case out of my current one, which has labeled it as evil. If things can fall out of it... NOT GOOD! I spent gobs of money on new Mary Kay (Shhhhh! Don't tell the man.) but my consultant is sweet and gave me gobs for free. That kind of takes away the sting.

I have a box of goody bags full of SRN promo (Thanks everyone!) and my clothes are set aside, and I pretty much know what I'm taking, but does anyone ever really feel "unaffected" by something this stinking big? I mean, really?

There's going to be beaucou authors there, editors, agents, friends and just tons of people. What if I sleep on my hair wrong? What if I forget my underwear!? *deep breath* Okay, so the first is totally possible, the second... I won't even let myself think about it.

I'm nervous, but I'm not, if that makes sense. I'm excited, but not a lot. I think It's too surreal at this point, maybe since it's my first, I have nothing to compare it to, so I have nothing to get excited about. That I'm totally angsting over the amount of money I've spent, not only for the trip but all the side crap (Like the extra clothes, make-up and junk) that I just wouldn't have had to spend if I didn't go. And believe it or not, I've tried to NOT GO. Had a few talks with the man to cancel, but he WANTS me to go. How's that for brownie points? He wants me to go, is working really hard to make sure I can go, and isn't holding anything against me for wanting to go.

So, I've also got a car waiting (Makes me sound so important I know. ) and I'm going to be driving, so if you're on the highway in Texas on Wednesday morning, get outta my way! I'm going to Dallas baby!

I'll be posting pics and stories and stuff as I can when I get home, but they'll probably be all over the place and will make no sense or reason. But that's okay, I rarely make any sense myself.


foxyllady said...

Hope you enjoy yourself in Dallas. May Kay make-up is the best.

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Diana, take it as it comes and HAVE FUN!!! Jane x