Monday, December 31, 2007

Forbidden Hunt!!

Hosted by:
Anastasia Rabiyah & Brieanna Robertson

The Hunt begins January 1, 2008.

To enter...

1-Go to each author's site (linked to their name below) and locate the hidden Forbidden Prey icon somewhere within that site.
Here's what you're looking for:

2-Once you've located
all the icons, email the location (either the page's URL or the Name of the page along with the author's name to:

3-During the first week of February, names will be drawn from all valid entries and awarded at random. (No picking and choosing. This is done to keep things fair.) Remember to include your mailing address so prizes can be mailed out if you win!

*The deadline to enter is midnight (Arizona Time) January 31, 2008.
*If you can't find the icon, you may email the author (not the Forbidden Hunt email address, and ask for a hint.)
*Due to the nature of graphic and/or erotic content of many of our author's works, you must be 18 or older to enter.
*Authors are responsible for emailing/mailing out prizes they have offered.

Special Weekly Bonus Prizes will be awarded each week of the contest on:
January 4, 2008 January 11, 2008 January 18, 2008 January 25, 2008
Winners will be drawn from entries received through that date and will remained entered in the drawing for all other prizes except future weekly bonus prizes.
WEEKLY BONUS PRIZE includes: A fleece throw blanket, box of Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa and a purple plastic lidded mug to sip your cocoa while you read your favorite Forbidden tales.
(provided by: Anastasia Rabiyah)


A.C. Croom
He is offering a free PDF copy of both of Kate's Song and Kate's Song: Awakening.

Adelle Lauden
A free PDF copy of her book Juliana.

Aline de Chevigny
A free PDF copy of her book Merry Christmas to Me and a secret stash of goodies.

Anastasia Rabiyah
A free download of her fantasy romance Shahzar Warrior Queen and goodies to include: temporary tattoos, handmade bookmarks, Shahzar t-shirt (XL) and a 2008 magnetic calendar.

Ann Cory
She is offering a handmade book thong.

Brieanna Robertson
A free download of one of any of her e-books.

Chris Neeley
Two magnets featuring her Forbidden book covers.

Diana Castilleja
A free PDF copy of any one of her back-list e-books and an author swagbag.

Donna Michaels
She'll be giving away a Dr. Gnome t-shirt along with a few surprise goodies.

Elena Croft
A free PDF copy of: Wet & Wild: Three of Hearts.

Ellen Ashe
A free PDF copy of The Seagrass Whore.

Emily Wade-Reid
A copy of one of her e-books, the winners choice, along with a fragrant oil warmer, vanilla oil included.

Gavin Atlas
A free PDF copy of his Forbidden released m/m erotica novel Simple and Easy.

Gwen Masters
An autographed anthology of short stories, as well as various promotional items.

Jacques Gerard
A free PDF copy of his Forbidden novel The Barefoot Burglar.

Jamie Hill
A free download of one of any of her e-books.

Janet Durbin
Choice of one of two prize packages. Choose between After or Innocence Taken.
The prize package includes autographed bookmarks, a free copy of the chosen book, and a canvas tote with the book cover on it. In the After package, the book is not yet available, but she will email it to the winner when it does come available.

J.T. Schultz
A Six of Hearts prize pack which includes a PDF copy of the book Six of Hearts, a t-shirt and loot envelope.

Marrisa de Amor
She is giving away a cover flat of "A Single Rose" signed by her and the cover model, Mike; two autographed bookmarks and an autographed postcard with coming soon books on it.

Rachel Carrington
A copy of her romantic suspense Burning Reflections and a PDF copy of her interracial erotic romance Dark Kisses from Forbidden Publications

Rene' Walden
A PDF copy of her erotic tale Wicked Weekend and a mini-loot bag.

Sonya D. Grady
A PDF copy of her fantasy romance Elements of Love.

Yolanda Sfetsos
A PDF copy of her Forbidden release Blood Chase.

The HUNT is on!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm tired...

But everything is wrapped. I'm on the last batch of cookies as I sit here and listen for the timer. I iced and deocrated three dozen heavy duty sugar cookies with the boy for an activity for today. We're thankfully giving a lot of them away. I have cookies and pies out the wazoo now.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve with dinner and early Christmas at the MIL's, then we're doing my family on Christmas (Hi Mom!) At least I don't really have to worry about cooking for a while. :)

So from my family to yours, Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

New Video

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I've been invited....

To be a guest speaker at The Writer's Chatroom, an all writer genre pool!

When I first started, this was the very first circle of writers I came across and I hung out with them for a long time. I'm currently a moderator on their forum boards and have made several long friendships because of this group.

I'm very honored to be among the first e-book authors to participate at this group, for their February Month of Romance. Barring any changes, I'm slated for the 3rd, but don't worry. I'll remind you! LOL

*bounce* My first speaker roll! *faint*

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Friday, December 14, 2007

I'm awake

And not because I want to be.

I woke up a little after three and here it is almost 5. *sigh*

I guess I'll just stay up and take a nap later. I've been trying to go back to sleep for well over an hour. I don't even know what woke me up either,  to be honest.

The vacation has been going well. I've been devouring books. Which is good! I have 100's in the TBR pile so any progress is good progress. :)

Anyway, I hope everyone is staying warm. Talk to you soon!

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Taking a holiday break

Merry Christmas to all of my friends!

I just want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful (and safe) New Years! 

I am officially taking a much needed Christmas break. Whooo! Yeah, me. The woman who has no life is going to get some much needed shopping out of the way, take some time to spend with the munchkin, watch tons of Christmas specials and of course White Christmas, my all time fav show for the holidays. Love me some Danny and Bing... Ain't nothing like them!

I'm hanging up my Gone Hibernating sign starting on December 10th. (The December 15th announcements will still be made, no worries.)  I should be back in full swing no later than January 4th. Need time to recoup from two weeks with the boy home! Party? What party? That's just him! LOL I'll be checking my emails but don't panic if I don't do the insta-reply.

I want each and everyone of you to stay safe, warm and have a blessed holiday. Hug your kids, hug your honey, and of course save a smooch for Santa. *wink*

See you in 2008!

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I have a Christmas Tree

On my MySpace page!

It's a fun idea! Hope you'll stop by....

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

A little note from Candy Havens

It's difficult for me to believe that I just turned in my fifth book, "The Demon King and I," in five years, and now "Charmed & Dangerous" is coming out in mass market on Dec. 4. I still remember sitting on my bed at two in the morning, the night before my very first meeting with an editor. Another writer friend told me I needed to have more than one idea to pitch to the editor, and I was frantically trying to make something up.

It was a strange feeling when I finally wrote about a character who had been dancing around in my head for some time. I'd just heard that "Buffy" was going off the air, and I was angry with creator Joss Whedon for not going one more year. In retrospect they ended at the right time, but back then I was mad. What would I do without my weekly dose of "Buffy?"

That night before the meeting I put pen to paper and created a character who had the attitude of Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) but the power of Bad Willow (Alyson Hannigan). She would use that power to protect important people, and to save the world. I can't remember how I came up with the idea for the prime minister, but I wanted a really powerful, cool leader. So of course I had to make one up. (Smile)

That one-page synopsis became a book just a few months later, and crazy stuff happened along the way. A love triangle between Sam, Bronwyn and Sheik Azir developed out of thin air one day. Azir met the Prime Minister in what was supposed to be an information finding expedition, but as I described Azir, I fell for him. Funny how that happens when we least expect it.

The powerful wizard Garnout came from the need for Bronwyn to have some sort of mentor. I love Garnout. He's one of my favorite people. I also wanted to create my dream town. A place where magic abounds, but overall people are friendly with one another. And of course, great food can be found on every corner in Sweet, Texas.

Even though I've moved on to new characters that crazy witch Bronwyn is still dancing around in my head. I sometimes wonder if I'll ever run out of stories for her, and I hope to write many more. It still freaks me out a little when I realize these funny stories have turned into very real books. I'm so grateful to Bronwyn and to all the adventures we've had together. - Candy Havens

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New book trailer

I've posted a new video for A Stroll In The Park.


Let me know what you think!

Diana Castilleja
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Monday, December 3, 2007

A little football humor

Brett Favre, after living a full life, died. When he got to heaven, God was
showing him around. They came to a modest little house with a faded Packers'
flag in the window.

"This house is yours for eternity, Brett," said God. "This is very special;
not everyone gets a house up here."

Brett felt special, indeed, and walked up to his house.

On his way up the porch, he noticed another house just around the corner. It
was a 3-story mansion with a blue and silver sidewalk, a 50 foot tall
flagpole with an enormous Dallas Cowboys' flag, and in every window a
Cowboys silver star.

Brett looked at God and said, "God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I
have a question. I was an all-pro QB, I won 2 Super Bowls, and I even went
to the Hall of Fame."

God said, "So what do you want to know, Brett?"

"Well, why does Tony Romo get a better house than me?"

God chuckled and said, "Brett, that's not Tony Romo's house; it's mine

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Posting an excerpt

Here's an excerpt from my latest Dark Castle Lords release,  A STROLL IN THE PARK. Enjoy!

She mounted the stairs and setting the bag down, knocked before she lost her nerve. She picked the bag up again as she heard steps near the door. She lifted her lips into her best smile and waited.

The sight that met her when the door opened was indescribable. He stood there in his jeans and nothing else. No shirt, no shoes and his hair was mussed. A lot. Like she had pulled him from a nap. Her smile fell like a stone.

"Oh no! I didn't mean to wake you. I'm so sorry."

His eyes narrowed as she tried to back away. "I wasn't asleep," he told her in a flat tone. That didn't make her feel any better. If she didn't know any better, he had been in bed. She gulped and paled as the thought of what he had been doing hit her. He opened the door a little wider and moved to the side. "Would you like to come in?"

"I'm sure I can come back some other time," she offered trying to back up, wanting to escape in the worst way. She shook her head trying to hide her embarrassment.

"What's wrong with now? You're here." Her eyes closed as she remembered to breathe. His voice was gruff and deep again. When she opened them, he was just staring at her, and it wasn't a terribly welcoming stare, either. She took a step inside and waited in mortified silence while he shut the door.

She avoided his gaze, staring at the wall behind him. She felt the heat on her face; she didn't need a mirror to see her embarrassment. "I didn't mean to interrupt. If you're busy, I can just leave this. It's what I had intended to do anyway. I'm sure you have better things to do. You don't need me to hang around. You can eat this whenever and I'll just pick up the pan. No rush."

She stopped her rambling when his thick laughter finally cut her off. His eyebrow raised in a sardonic taunt as his mouth lifted. "I wasn't doing that either. I was beating my head against my computer. A repetitive argument, I'm afraid," he said in a droll way. "It thinks I should work, and I'm telling it, it doesn't know one thing."

She felt as his eyes swept over her, could feel him as delicate as a butterfly's kiss on her skin as he swept from her hair down her legs and back again.

"So what did you bring, that was so important you had to interrupt my daily rant?" As he relaxed again her smile was reborn, relief calming her racing heart. "I made this for you."

She pushed the pan toward him. "It's lasagna. I brought a salad with peppercorn dressing and breadsticks. I hope you like it."

He took it from her slowly, holding the warm pan in one hand and the bag in the other. His eyes narrowed again. "And for what do I receive such generosity?" She was struck to the bone by his tone, so cold. His eyes were nearly slits.

She lifted her chin to look him in the eye. "Look, I just wanted to say thank you. You don't have to eat it, but if you don't, let me take it to the shelter. I'm sure they'll appreciate it." She crossed her arms, challenging him. She waited as he appeared to consider it. He looked from the pan to her, from the pan to her.

"You don't know who I am?" His voice was incredulous and doubtful.She tossed her arms with impatience.

"Mrs. Fillipo said something about a Dr. McKenna when I asked if she knew how to find you, but I don't know who that is. I was looking for Drake and that seemed to satisfy her." She returned his glare. "There. Does that answer you or do I need to take a lie detector test too?"

She watched as his eyes lightened and his lips lifted in a smile. He shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry. I wasn't trying to be rude."

"But you do it so naturally," she came back, her chin still lifted at him.

That made him laugh again, a little lighter, a little kinder. He looked at the pan once more before he caught her gaze. "I hope you plan on sharing this with me. I can't eat but about half of this by myself."

"Half!" She took in his lean form, his trim waist defined at the top of his jeans. "Where are you going to put it?"

She laughed herself when he wiggled his brows at her. "I have my ways," he told her with an evil tremor in his voice. He turned and hooking a shoulder, led her into his kitchen.

Thanks for reading! To find out more about this book visit my site, or go hereto purchase this romantic tale!

Diana Castilleja
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Friday, November 30, 2007


"Micah, please report to loft room B."

Anticipation made his shoulders twitch. His next assignment was the one! His wings. He floated a few inches above a sunbeam with happiness. One more assignment and he qualified. He wanted to throw a fist in the air and cheer. Instead he made his quiet, if hurried, way to the lofts.

He'd worked hard to earn his wings. Angels had very demanding jobs, though few realized it.

The door appeared within the fluff of one of the concealings. Those were known as clouds on Earth. At that moment though, he didn't care if they were called raspberry jam.

The concealing thinned as he neared, and the glowing door opened when he lifted a hand, as if in greeting.

Taking a final second to push back his hair and straighten his robe, it didn't hurt to look put together when meeting with his mentor, he entered the bright space.

The loft didn't really resemble a room, which was why they were called lofts, encased as they were in the cool, swirling masses of clouds. Every angel in service anticipated being called to the lofts. Every visit offered redemption, and a successful assignment brought them closer to their wings.

The golden tome of angel assignments hung in the air as Aria inscribed his assignment on the gilded pages. The feather quill flew across them. As it continued to write, leaping and twirling as it filled first one page, then another, and two more—and Aria remained silent—Micah began to get nervous.

Finally, the feather stilled and sank to the side of the tome. Aria looked up.

She was a beautiful woman, one of His mentoring angels, and Micah had complete faith and respect in her. He'd come a long way since he'd been given the opportunity to atone. More than once, he'd challenged her, but she'd merely made him work his way through his misconceptions. It was because of her that Micah wasn't working in Hell.

It was difficult for him to remain patient though, beside himself with this last opportunity. One more and he had his wings! He'd had a lot of debts to pay back. After so many angel-aided miracles, he was ready for this last one.

"Come closer, Micah."

She startled him with her soft-spoken voice. It wasn't her usual greeting. He came forward though without hesitation.

She held her hands behind her back as she regarded him. Her golden hair hung between beautiful wings, a mark of her mentoring status. She was beautiful, but angels didn't see physical beauty. She was the inspirational beauty that painters craved to emulate with their talents, and that religions used as icons. She glowed with understanding and patience. "You are aware of your reward if you succeed on this assignment?"

Micah wanted to shout his answer to the heavens, to everyone, but he nodded with a controlled smile instead. Her eyes glinted in amusement at his restraint. Ah, she knew him well.

"This is going to be a very difficult assignment."

Micah shrugged, feeling confident in his ability.

Aria's gaze cooled a little. "Don't be overly assured of success on this one, Micah. It is the Christmas season on Earth. The hardest time of the year for us, for those who lose faith."

To read a full chapter download from this book, please visit my site, or to purchase, go here. Thanks for reading!

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

My First review For STROLL is IN!

From Little Sunshine at Night Owl Romance, 4 out of 5!
A Stroll In The Park is a treasured story that left this reviewer delighted... a wonderful job breathing life to this charming and romantic story... a successfully told story that this reviewer feels was a memorable read. I highly recommend this story if you are a true romantic at heart!

Find the full review here !

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

Thursday, November 29, 2007

A virtual Baby Shower!

A Surprise Baby Shower for Crystal of Sensual Reads & Reviews on December 2 - 3, 2007. Join us in the celebration on Crystal's Baby Shower Blog. There will be games, contest and prizes.

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

An Angel's Choice is live!

My latest Christmas release is live! Join me tonight with Forbidden Publications at 8pm CST in the chatroom to help me celebrate.

It's Micah's last assignment, the one that would earn him his wings. He felt prepared for the challenge ahead of him this Christmas season—until he met her.

Karen had been a forgotten child, a loner, and refused to open herself to hurt. She'd been down that road more than once and very recently had been dealt a miserable hand, being stood up at the altar.

Could an angel on a mission have the answer to her frozen heart? Could the heart of a wounded child locked inside a grown woman bring a forever love together? Only the choice of an angel will make this a Christmas to remember, for both of them


Micah hesitated in the falling snow. A reaction that was as rare as that same snow falling in July. He eyed the building Karen worked in. Should he continue to be visible, or just give her the push in the right direction to get her what she most strongly needed in her life? After reading her history, he had wanted to meet her, face to face. See the woman behind the sadness, behind the bitter wall she kept up for the rest of the world. He knew before he'd seen her that she would be a difficult assignment, after meeting her—challenge was the only word that came to mind.

He couldn't think of one person, and he knew many souls, who he felt was worthy of her. He needed to get to know her better. It was the only way he could really help her.

Pushing the boundaries was something he didn't usually do, but sensing a deeper need in Karen, he felt he'd be forgiven for the plan he was making. Forgiveness was his boss's forte after all.


Thanks for reading!
For a full chapter download of this sweet Christmas short, check out my site, or to just buy it go here.

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting better

Sadly, getting better meant I had to have gotten worse, which I did.

I ended up spending three out of four nights on the couch so I could breathe well enough to sleep. I don't care what anyone says, that is punishment, so bear it in mind for the SO in your life. It will get the point across. Oy!

I am feeling better today, less coughing, but my voice sounds like I'm talking through a damn drain.

NaNo was a loss. An utter and complete loss. I haven't written more than a dozen words except for my blogs since I got sick over a week ago. Yep, it's been that long because I know the "allergies" I had well before Thanksgiving were only the precursor to this monster case of suckitis head and chest obnoxiousness that I have right now.

The only bright spot... I have a release tomorrow night that thankfully I DON'T have to talk literally about. I can "yak" all I want, but I don't have to say a single word. Thank. God. I'll post some news about it tomorrow, excerpts and junk. BTW, the dude up there is the book. He's a damn good shot of the hero in my short. But... yeah, I'm a tease. You'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Diana Castilleja
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Hey guys!

I've had a rather fun interview posted if you'd like to see what's been happening in my head lately. I checked for dust bunnies! LOL

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, November 26, 2007


It's no secret I was trying to do NaNo this year. Have a fab story I've been working on and I even know how the stupid thing is going to end.

My problem?

I've hit a gap, and I can't figure out what I'm suppose to do about it. I call them "bridges". Scenes or chapters that  help me get from one thing/conflict/interaction to the next. I need a bridge badly.

Add to that I've spent two of the last three nights on the couch to sleep so I could sleep elevated to breathe, it's been a craptastic weekend for writing. I have 30K under my belt, but I'm not miracle worker. I know I can't crank out 20K in 4 days. So... *sigh*  It's not going to happen this year either.

Diana Castilleja
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Friday, November 23, 2007

Authors of SRN

Check out the SRN blog for a special upcoming event!!

Diana Castilleja
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Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

What happens if you try...

I'm not going to try to qualify why this worked, but the proposal I sent out just netted me another sale. I'm not even sure if I did it right, to be honest. I'm kind of stunned. I just hoped they liked the idea because it was the follow-up to a story they already have.

It was a pitch for the NaNo I'm doing right now, which is the sequel to CROWNING A WARRIOR KING, a fantasy romance. The story is tentatively titled, THE ROAD TO VASIMUS, and is Quinn's story.

Here's the blurb that I cooked up for it.

Quinn Hawke was the head council to King Tah-lel and is proud to continue his service to the kingdom when his brother is the dying King's appointed heir. However, from the lands of Vasimus, danger is coming.

Stacia is deadly, and has her orders. The witch must die, but time soon shows her the witch she was sent to destroy isn't the one about to be crowned. Cornered by the one elf she fears could be her undoing, she is sent back to her land, with Quinn as her escort as the new Ambassador of Eglandor. His orders are succinct. Bridge the gulf of misinformation between their distant lands for one year.

Little do they know that the king who has ordered the assassination of the sorceress has been deposed and the counselor she fears the most knows she was not detained for her attempted murder. Set upon by highway robbers, facing dangers and darkness at every turn as well as Stacia's own fears of what she will find when they return, makes Quinn growingly protective of her. She is the only living heir of her father's realm, banished to the assassin ranks as an infant at Counselor Jagga's prompting because she was not a son.

Can she and Quinn defeat the one who has run the kingdom from behind the mask of his position for years, and keep a tender love from being torn apart? Can peace rule in Vasimus?

I guess the biggest thing here is you'll never know if you don't try. icon_biggrin.gif

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, November 19, 2007


I ate too much and went christmas shopping with the man. It's his day off and happens to be his birthday, so we went to a BBQ buffet that of course I couldn't possibly do justice to the food being on a diet. *sigh* But it was okay. He ate and that's what he wanted.

As for the Christmas shopping, the boy already has scored! Little stinker. Play-Doh, three new video games (cheap, thank goodness!) and some stuff for the stockings. I also saw some stuff that I can buy for the kidlets elsewhere, so I'll be hitting Wal-Mart after payday. That store must love me. :)

I saw about a dozen different things that I want but of course, really don't need. And all I could see was we'd need a much bigger house. At least come Thursday, I don't have to cook. Going to the Mother in laws for food. What about you guys?

Going out or staying in for Thanksgiving?

Diana Castilleja
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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Join me at Sensual Reads and Reviews!

I'm guest blogging tomorrow at Sensual Reads and Reviews, along with several authors from Sweeter Romantic Notions! Come and join in the fun, heckle and harass, show some love, or just come and hang out.

There's going to be books, general mayhem and goofiness and lots of laughs! So take a break from the worry of what is being served and whose house for Thanksgiving. Come and play.

Hope you'll stop by!

Diana Castilleja
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I'm the author spotlight!

Come and check it out! There's excerpts, free reads and chances to win a free ebook all week long!

Diana Castilleja
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Friday, November 9, 2007

Cade's Thanksgiving

Cade Lawson has known two years of single parenthood, missing his wife and raising his twin boys. But when push comes to shove, he does what he has to, to make sure his boys have a mama to raise them. He orders a mail order bride.

Maggie O'Malley (love that name) comes from a huge family of ten and being the oldest, knows how to take charge. Fearing she may not have children of her own, she is very open to taking on the surprises of a man with two infant sons. She walks in and takes over before they've even left the train platform.

Between a hard working man and spunky woman they discover they can both help each other with their wants and desires.

Cade's Thanksgiving is a cute story that has that warm fuzzy feeling at the end.

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My first time...

Two years ago, I received my first contract. I've been lucky enough to have a few more since then. But that first one was and will always be kind of special.

I learned a lot from my first publisher, more than she'll probably ever know, so for tonight I'm dedicating this post to her, Rene Walden of Forbidden Publications.

Why, you might ask? Well, because she took a chance on me. She liked my story. She liked it so much she immediately asked me for more. She got it. LOL But you know, there's some firsts you don't forget. Your first kiss... (haven't a clue) Your first dance... (Ditto there.) Or the big milestones... When you first know you've nabbed the right guy or gal. Yep, knew that pretty quick. That first taste of realizing your dream. Yep, really remember that. I was so stunned, I made my hubby read the email to make sure.

So for Rene I say thank you. And this is why:

Highest Rated for Forbidden Publications
1. Long [51566 words]Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castilleja [Romance]

Without her help during that first year, I wouldn't have learned as much as I did, wouldn't have thought I could do more to be honest. I'm still striving because I did get that first contract. It's made me push harder, go further, and want more.

Would I have had the same reaction to anyone else? Maybe. Would I still be writing? Probably. But there's nothing like the first time.

I wish all of you have a wonderful First Time. :)


Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, November 5, 2007

A dear friend needs some positive thoughts

A very dear writing friend's son has had
some very serious medical problems the
last few weeks. I don't know the details, and
don't want to divulge what is private.

I do know he was taken to the ER this
morning and she has stayed with him for
24 hours straight with no sleep.

If you have a minute and can share a
moment's time of compassion could you
please click the link and light a candle
for Cia and her son.

Deeply, I thank you.

Click Here to Light A Candle

*There is no registration other than name and country and no credit card required.*
Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help an author!

Halloween week [from October 30 thru November 6]

Dawn Thompson aka Dawn McTavish
Dawn recently had a bad fall and is in the hospital. She is on a fixed income and as a new writer has to wait for nearly a year to start receiving her royalties. She doesn't have family to help her and has a lot of needs not being covered by her insurance. Friends and Booklovers expressed a wish to help her pay expenses during her recovery.

For more see this site!

Romance that thrives in dark places

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's still time!!

There's still time to play our scavenger hunt! It ends tomorrow, and we have lots of goodies to give away, so come and play!

Check it out here!

Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas story - New Release!!

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Releasing November 29th!

It's Micah's last assignment, the one that would earn him his wings. He felt prepared for the challenge ahead of him this Christmas season—until he met her. Karen had been a forgotten child, a loner, and refused to open herself to hurt. She'd been down that road more than once, and very recently had been dealt a miserable hand, being stood up at the altar.

Could an angel on a mission have the answer to her frozen heart? Could the heart of a wounded child locked inside a grown woman bring a forever love together? Only the choice of an angel will make this a Christmas to remember, for both of them.

Chatting today

I'll be floating around two different playgrounds today if you would like to join me.

Novelspotters with The Dark Castle Lords


Joyfully Reviewed for their 2nd Anniversary Bash spotlight sweet works!

Come and play with me! :)

Romance that thrives in dark places

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SRN Halloween Scavenger hunt!!

SRN is throwing a Halloween party! Join us on a scavenger hunt. All the answers can be found through our main site.

It kicks off on Friday October 26th and will end on Halloween!!

There will prizes, books and goodies, and maybe some chocolate too!

Here's the rules:
Answer the following questions and email the answers to with contest in the subject line.

The winner will be announced on the Group Loop October 31st and in the First Friday News Blast!

So, let's get scavanging!!

1) In the October News Blast what was the title of Edita Patrick's release from New Concepts Publishing?

2) Who has the picture of a dog on their cover art?
    Elle Fredrix?
    Kim Watters?
    Adelle Laudan?
    What is the title of that book?

3) What branch of the military is Sela Carson's husband retired from?

4) Cindy Green is published by By Grace Publshing?
    True or false?

5) Diane Craver has three titles listed on her author page at SRN?
    True or false?

Good luck!!!!
Happy Halloween!

**Permission to forward granted**

Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well it's time for me to announce the winners of my drawings!

The winner of the chat giveaway is


The winner to the random post giveaway is


The winner to the question contest is


If you have not received your copy, please email me! Diana . castilleja (no spaces)

Congratulations everyone! Thank you for sharing my latest release with me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Want to win a free book?

Aurora Salvage is looking for a new life, and a new leaf to turn. She's alone for the first time in ten years, when she loses her husband in a tragic accident while he is on assignment. Drake McKenna is the resident professor of the little New England town she's moved into. A small park is the center of the community, and it's the first place she finds a level of comfort. This is an unfortunate turn for Drake, who's all but claimed the park as his own personal sanctuary where he could hide himself and his wounded heart.

When Drake's father falls ill, however, his only recourse is to return to Scotland, and see for himself how things are, as well as try to keep his brother's wife from claiming their heritage from under his brother's nose. He returns to find his father sick and in bed, but not on the deathbed his brother had first insinuated. Instead, he and Aurora shock not only the household, but his brother when he arrives with a wife. Sean described their father's illness as worse than it was to convince Drake to return home, but he'd not expected the turn of events, nor how deeply all would be affected by his homecoming.

Well, I'm tickled to say my next release, A STROLL IN THE PARK, with The Dark Castle Lords will be releasing this Thursday, a week early! Yay! So that means I have to get on the ball.

I'm going to be chatting about this book LIVE! Yep. October 22nd, at the Night Owl Romance chat room. from 7-9 pm CST.

There will be at least one lucky winner during the chat, and I have a contest right now! Right here!

It's really easy to. Visit my site and read the excerpt (Links below) and tell me who Aurora's husband was. See? How easy is that? Also a random poster on my blog(s) from now until October 23rd will receive a free download of this contemporary romance. That's three chances to win a free copy!

Link to my site Visit my e-books page and read the excerpt posted with this book! Email me the answer to the husband question to Diana dot castilleja with Answer in the subject line. I'll announce the winner and email them on the 23rd.

Good luck! Hope to see you at the release Author party on the 22nd!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


by Adelle Laudan

Winner of Freya's Bower's Anniversary Submissions Call

Lizzy would give it all back just to hear her mother's voice one more time... the house, the furniture...even the money. Regardless, her heartless stepfather is determined to take what he feels is rightfully his. Handyman, Adam Woodward rides into Lizzy's life and vows to keep her safe, but is it enough to stop the cold, callous determination of Ben Stokes?

A Trouble Novel

Rating: Sweet

Book Length: Novel

Genre: Biker Fiction/Contemporary Romance

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Diva Essay Contest

When I first started writing, I received the suggestion that I should look up some online writing groups, get my feet wet, learn a little. So I did. Romance Divas was among the first sites that came up when I googled. Want to know what I did?

I ran.

Yep, yelping in the other direction. I saw some well known names on this well designed, well put together website and freaked. I am a nobody, I won't fit in there. Well, about a year later, someone else recommended them from another group I had been with online. I recognized the site immediately. As well as Judi McCoy's name. Want to know what I did?

I ran.

Seeing a pattern here, huh? Eventually I did get over my OMG I WILL NEVER FIT IN HERE issues and signed up. Psychologically I know I didn't join then because I was scared, but because I wasn't ready for that next step. The serious kind taken when you are ready for the next stage of a plan, in my case, a writing career. But it didn't stop me from wanting to kick myself in my own arse for missing well over a year of valuable learning experiences that I would have received if I'd been two shakes smarter than a dead stick.
Well that dead stick has now become firewood fodder and I'm published. Not because of the Divas, but because I had found another outlet for my writing from them. It is because of Divas I learned of E-publishing. Some may snicker, or laugh with scorn because if it's e-pubbed, then it's *obviously* not good enough for NY. I say ptttt to that. It's two different markets. RD taught me what both are. Some say the writing is poorer quality. I've found several authors through this new Market that I specifically buy because they tell a good story, not because they line the B&N shelves. RD is the balance that showed me both, and the best way to use either market to my advantage.

Romance Divas has always been on the cutting edge of the important information in the publishing industry. They are a resource that no serious writer should ever be without. Whether you are starting out and need that push, or have something that can be paid forward, I've never found a more open, sharing, supportive place anywhere, live or cyber.

I've met so many other writers with the same struggles, the same drive, the same rejections, that it makes the single self-employed picture of a stay at home mom less lonely. I've met so many people in the last two years that I can't possibly name them all, but if you want to meet them, then hang a left in Florida, or cruise through California, or any state in between, because there's a Diva in just about every town in this country and across the world.

Being a Diva is more than just writing. It's believing. And I know I'm a Diva.

Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I recently read Christine Feehan's DARK POSSESSION. Yes, I spent the hard earned money to get it in hardcover. It's no secret that I'm a squeeing fan girl of Ms. Feehan's, and even after this book, shall remain so. I mean, I also read SAFE HARBOR and was absolutely pleased with it. The woman is talented, and we all flub up, due to pressures from the publisher or life or our own muses deserting us. It happens.

Dear made an interesting review, that I swear could have been about this book, even though it was about J.R. Ward's latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, another series that I have enjoyed, but haven't been able to get into as deep as time hasn't allowed. I can't comment on the BDB book because of this.

However, her review said so many things that I could use for Feehan's installment of the Carpathians. Mind you, I am still a fan, only slightly more disappointed, and I doubt I'll be dropping hard core bucks for another hardcover anytime soon.

The world building in itself felt shallow, changing the interactive dynamics so deep in midstream was bothersome. There was an introduction of another paranormal creature element that had had no buildup to this point, no discovery to help smooth the sudden, OMG feeling. There wasn't even that much in this book to help do this.

The second thing that really caught my attention was with MaryAnn, the heroine. All through her history as it is told in the story, which is actually started in DARK DESTINY at her introduction, she abhors violence, understands her own strengths, and knows how to make herself be, well, herself. When she meets Manolito, she fights his allure, but still succumbs to his domination, in more than one way, fairly easily. She becomes submissive to him physically, which doesn't really jive with her strength of self in her character. She doesn't like the feeling of domination, or the lack of control, but yet still does it. Yes, I know some people go against their nature and it's a turning point for their character, but her internal struggle with accepting this was left very vague through the story.

Which was one other problem I felt was out of proportion. The depth of the book, giving the characters their "color" and shape. Whether the book was written on deadline, or by preference I can't say, but it left me feeling very unsatisfied. There wasn't the internal struggles for them to overcome at the level that most of her books have had. It seemed to be missing a layer that is more recognizable in her wriitng.

I know this book is for sale right now, just about everywhere, so feel free to find a copy. Me, I'll still be waiting for the for the next release to be had, but I'll wait for the paperback.

Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 22nd through the 29th is National Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Week. Pulmonary Fibrosis is a debilitating disease marked by progressive scarring of the lungs that gradually interferes with a person's ability to breathe. There is no cure, and currently there is NO FDA approved treatment. The disease is fatal, within 5 to 7 years of diagnosis. Approximately 128,000 people in the United States have IPF, and an estimated 48,000 new cases develop each year. You can learn more about PF at The Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis' website.

The Coalition for PF takes donations via check, credit card, even PayPal. You can donate by clicking the link below:

Please Donate!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Book signing update

Sorry it's taken a while, but I'm here now and this is what happened.

Overall, the signing was well done, the staff were uber helpful, and the experience of hanging out with other writers rocked. The turnout sucked. I put almost a hundred dollars of my personal funds into this signing in promotion. My mother showed up.

Yep, doll that is. We had about a half dozen folks that appeared, some with ARWA and showing out of pity or confused interest, I'm not sure.

Two tips of advice DO NOT schedule when there is a major sporting event on the same day. I wasn't even aware of the football schedule when I planned the signing at Borders, but in Austin we breathe UT Football. If you have the money, you bleed orange as well.

Second. Try to schedule around another store's opening if at all possible. The Borders we held the signing at is in a new mall complex and Super Target is scheduled to open in October. If I had known that, we could have increased out potiential foot traffic by coinciding with that.

Oh, and have someone standing at the door to point people to the rear of the store where they are likely going to stick you. No one knows you're there. Hand them flyers, smile, thank them for coming and then shove them toward the rear (that's only mild humor).

The store *will* keep the ordered books to sell, but I know shelf space is prime and they will just as likely return them or set them on some obscure schlub space for the average joe to ignore, so they can validate returning them for "nonsales"  I really hope it doesn't happen.

If you live in Austin, check out the South Park Meadows Borders and ask for the books from the romance writers who were there for the signing last weekend.

As for what I'm planning on doing now... Probably not another signing, not until I have real print books. Teaser CD's at signings bomb, and since I didn't have a book, I couldn't pay anyone to take my card, much less a goody bag of info, bookmarks and candy. But that's okay. We have an annual City Birthday party next month. I'm just going to take a boxful and hand out stuff. It's doing me no good sitting in my office.

Romance that thrives in dark places

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Eight years ago, Charlene Henderson had tragically lost her brother, a crab fisherman, to the depths of the Bering Sea. She’d left her home, her family, and the only man she’d ever truly loved and run to California to forget. Forget the pain, forget her love, and leave Alaska and fishermen completely behind her.

Unfortunately Alaska isn’t as ready to leave Charlene alone. Some new information on her brother’s death has surfaced, and Charlene must return to Dutch Harbor and discover the truth about what had really happened to her brother.

Ethan Shannon has never forgotten Charlie Henderson, but eight years changes a person, and she’s not Charlie anymore – she’s Charlene, a stuck-up city girl with no love for the sea. Despite his distaste for her new lifestyle, he can’t help the feelings he still has for her, and his desire to find out what happened to her brother – his best friend.

Peace for Charlene can only come by discovering the truth. But will she be able to face the evidence she finds, both about her brother and her relationship with Ethan? Or will the answers lead her back into the heart of the storm?


Sunday, September 2, 2007

Available NOW...

Wanna make a bet?
When aspiring artist and purposefully single Sophie Montgomery mutters those four fateful words, her sexy neighbor, Jay Coltrane, pounces on the opportunity to prove she’s not as immune to him as she thinks. Before she knows it, Sophie finds herself not only betting against a seduction, she’s betting against her own ability to keep her dreams intact and a certain luscious landscaper out of them.

What people are already saying:
“Lay down your money and let the dice roll, because Wanna Make a Bet is a sure thing. From a drool-worthy hero to an adorable bulldog with a thing for monkeys, this book will hook you in with its depth of characters, humor, and sizzling sensuality. I cancelled dinners and was late for appointments, all because I had to know whether it would be Jay or Sophie who won the bet. Stacy Dawn is a talent and I can’t wait for her next novel!”
-Bronwyn Storm
The story will keep you guessing, right to the end.....CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

All Romance E-books needs your help

Forwarded message below:

I'm asking for your help to get the word out that folks need to "re-friend" us on MySpace and I'm asking that you "friend" us if you have an account.
Most of you know that ARe has been using MySpace to communicate with readers about The eBookclub. We opened our MySpace page for that purpose and in 2 months we'd managed to accumulate close to 6000 friends.

Apparently that's too tempting for some hackers. MySpace and Scrapfairy Designs have been quick to respond and our page is back up at the same address but with only 1 friend, Tom.

ARe–The eBookclub is featuring a wonderful read for the month of September and our second eBookblub meeting is going to be in a couple weeks. We have a great fall season planned and are determined to get back on our feet as quickly as possible.  

Please repost this to reader and author forums! , loops, and on your MySpace page if you have one. Sending a bulletin to your friends asking that they do the same would be a huge help to us. We're relying on the power of social networking and the good will of our affiliates, readers, and authors to help us. We don't want our bookclub members to think that we've wavered in our commitment to this project or that All Romance eBooks *gasp* deleted them. Here's the address:

Lori James
All Romance eBooks, LLC  

P.S. For those of you who don't know….ARe–The eBookclub is a on-line Bookclub specific to romance eBooks. Each month we select a new release to feature. We advance purchase copies from the publisher and give them away to the first fifty members that attempt download. We also promote the book with special Behind the Scenes features, excerpts, and interviews, and host an on-line chat (usually with the author) at The Romance Galleria. This is a great way ! for people that love romance to get introduced to eBooks and for peopl e from all around the world that already are fans of romance eBooks to meet and share the experience of a fabulous read.

Romance that thrives in dark places

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boycott Mardi Gras Publishing!

If you have any knowledge of the e-publishing industry, this summer has seen a record of company implosions online. I won't dredge up the history. This post is specific.

Mardi Gras Publishing.

Read There's some of it there.

Basically the authors are asking that you DO NOT purchase any titles as MGP is going to declare Bankruptcy at the first of September. Any rights they have will be swallowed by the claim. No monies are being paid to anyone associated with MGP, and haven't been in months. Any titles purchased at any outlet will not benefit the author, the editor, or the artist for the work involved.

Here's an author's account. One mention of it is here as well as here.

I am sure there are more, but many are fearful of coming forward. Writers fear for their careers if they speak out against the "machine" of publishing, even when they are wronged.

Personally, I have no stake in this, except that I'm seeing several friends being hoisted over the spanking barrel for their belief in this publisher. Whether they were treated unfairly, unjustly, or unethically is not my place to say. I have my opinions, but rather than go on an uninformed, non-inclusive rant, I am, on their behalf, posting this boycott.

Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday news

Well, I have good news.

The boy has started school, and the drop went well. He was a little nervous, a little shy, but cute as all hell. :) We took a couple pictures of him with his new backpack and his silly self. It has begun. He's growing up. *sigh*

The other good news. I received confirmation from Mills & Boon on my Harlequin submission, so it is officially on someone else's desk and their nightmare until I hear otherwise.

The BIG news?? LOL

I sold one of my stories over the weekend!  Yep! It is the first book of a twin duet, romantic contemporary with hints of fantasy. The second really takes off in the fantasy depeartment, so they are vastly different, but the characters stay true to themselves. I hope. :)  This one will be with The Dark Castle Lords, a really interesting publisher as they have a specific want for their stories. Castles! Isn't that cool?  Which really works out well, because DCL is where I was planning on sending the current fantasy I'm working on reaching the end on.

So that's the news. I'm back to working on keeping those submissions out, working on finishing new sshtuff and having fun where I can.

Have a great week!

Romance that thrives in dark places

Friday, August 24, 2007

Well, Crap. Where the HELL have I been?

In a nutshell, nowhere. I've just been really busy working on submissions. I just sent in 6 today, and I'm working on dropping 7 in the next few days. Yep, me, the "I have nothing going nowhere for eternity" now has almost 7 submissions out in the wild blue yonder.

Check out my site for the details. I have all (I think) of my current victims listed. I might have to double check, because knowing me, someone's going to bust me out and call me a liar and it'll be totally unintentional.

Have I mentioned how absolutely crappy I've been feeling? No?? Well, let me fill you in. I. DO. As in stomach aches, can hardly eat and slept for nothing last night which has made me exceedingly crabby for today. Let's see how it pans out for tomorrow. All I know is I HATE feeling this way. The poor boy and I just are not good company in the same house when I'm like this. Let me put it this way. It's 81 degrees outside and AC is only set to 75 and I have the freaking foot heater on because I've got chills. Yeah, I feel that lousy. Temporary damnit. It better be temporary!

Speaking of the little guy... He starts school on Monday! Woot! For him AND for me. He's in another environment, socializing and blowing his teacher's mind over how much he already knows, and I'll be here, able to write for hours, everyday. Or nearly. *sigh* What bliss. Except for the God-Awful time of the morning I have to get up to see him to school. He's a drive-up, so that leaves me to do it. But he's so excited to go! How could I not be happy for him?

And did you see the front page? I have another signing coming up, and I've put it all over the place so if you're in Austin, come and see me. Seriously. Don't let me sit there surrounded by such wonderful talent and have no one to talk to.  (I won't be hard to miss. I'll be the only one out of EIGHT authors who won't have books for you. Working really hard to remedy that situation.)

I'll be back soon with more nonsense, and hopefully some good news. One of my writer pals managed to get one of my submissions knocked up (Ha! Not like that!) in prority. So... Yeah, Tums... I need more tums...

Romance that thrives in dark places

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tuesday Release for GO BETWEEN!!

“Go Between” by Dayna Hart

Coming August 14th from Samhain Publications

Between two races that hate each other, at the doorway between two worlds, can Claire find the strength to be the emissary they all need?

Book One of The Curtain Torn series.

Halfway through her twenties, her divorce, and a bottle of rye, Claire opens her birthday present—a “pressed fairy” book.

One of the fairies is neither pressed, nor a picture. He’s the sinfully sexy Dell, who’s been trapped inside the book for twenty years. The moment Claire frees him, goblins attack her house. Dell and Claire’s only option is to use a “Between”—a rift between their worlds—to escape into the land of Fae.

There, Claire discovers the elven queen, Eliane, has a mission for her—one that has her keeping secrets from Dell. And ousting the goblins from her home is only the start.

Read An Excerpt Online

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Because I'm bored

Listening to: Buffalo Stance / Nenah Cherry

The man didn't sleep well, so neither did I. It's not his fault. He has allergies and stomach ailments.

So I thought to kill some time (instead of writing, or doing what I really want-a nap) I'd come here and give a brief update on what's been happening around here lately.

Last Saturday we had a yardsale. It went well. Got rid of a lot of my old Crafts business stock and left overs. Sold Lil J's bunk beds (after getting stood up in a parking lot for 30 minutes, of course.) and had his new-to-us furniture delivered. His room is now filled. He can't afford to be messy. LOL

I also have a few submissions out. It's been months since I had anything to report, and I'm waiting on pins and needles to hear back. I have two different stories in submission right now. I'm working on a Christmas story for an anthology, and book two of the Jahejn series. I'm really liking the title Shadowed Winds, or something with Danger in the title.

I also have book two of the vamps that's in spin cycle right now. So plenty to do. It just sucks when you don't sleep well and you can't operate after 1 pm. I feel like I could just fall over, and oh, stay there for an hour or so.

TexasARF has set up a myspace page. Check them out. They're a nice group of Texas authors and we could use some friends. We're from all over the state, so who knows? Someone may be nearby you.

What else? Oh, SRN has relaunched. A definite must see. New purty pages and author stuff. My brain is not cooperating with the pretty words, so just go look.

Well, I'm going to stop there. Oh, and a reminder. The August Newsletter will be going out in a few days. If you want to sign up, check out my website, for instructions.

Have a good week!

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Release : Dayna Hart

“Go Between” by Dayna Hart

Coming August 14th from Samhain Publications

Between two races that hate each other, at the doorway between two worlds, can Claire find the strength to be the emissary they all need?

Book One of The Curtain Torn series.

Halfway through her twenties, her divorce, and a bottle of rye, Claire opens her birthday present—a “pressed fairy” book.

One of the fairies is neither pressed, nor a picture. He’s the sinfully sexy Dell, who’s been trapped inside the book for twenty years. The moment Claire frees him, goblins attack her house. Dell and Claire’s only option is to use a “Between”—a rift between their worlds—to escape into the land of Fae.

There, Claire discovers the elven queen, Eliane, has a mission for her—one that has her keeping secrets from Dell. And ousting the goblins from her home is only the start.

Read An Excerpt Online

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thirteen Myths about Texas Driving
A Driver's Rant

1. Blinkers are optional.
2. The slow lane is for access road speeds.
3. The fast lane is for those related to the Andretti family.
4. Stop signs are for decoration.
5. Yield signs are invisible.
6. Red lights are only another light at the top/side of the other two that mean go faster.
7. Passing is legal on the shoulder, or break down lane.
8. Passing over a double yellow line is okay, because the lines are decorational.
9. A 3 foot buffer between vehicles at 90 MPH is perfectly safe.
10. The law they passed to reduce speed when you see a cop on the side of the road, was a joke. It didn't really pass.
11. Swerving between vehicles at break neck speed is really training for the Olympic Slalom.
12. Coming to a dead stop on an entrance ramp is perfectly safe to merge with 70 MPH traffic
And lastly....
13. Another driver tailgating close enough to see the color of the eyes of the person behind you is being neighborly.

Sarcasm needs have been met for today. Thank you for reading!

The purpose of the meme is to get to know everyone who participates a little bit better every Thursday. Visiting fellow Thirteeners is encouraged! If you participate, leave the link to your Thirteen in others comments. It’s easy, and fun! Be sure to update your Thirteen with links that are left for you, as well! I will link to everyone who participates and leaves a link to their 13 things. Trackbacks, pings, comment links accepted!

Monday, July 30, 2007

My report on my signing

Well here's the low down on the signing. The staff at Borders were very accomodating. They were really polite and just basically let us take up a huge chunk of floor space for the afternoon with tables and our silly selves.

In attendance was myself, Linda Mooney, Emma Sanders, Pearl X Jones, and Evelyn Palfrey. I handed out group information and discs to every single person who came to the table. I haven't counted, but I'm guessing about 15 people (?). A few didn't get them because I didn't get to pounce on them after they spoke to the other authors but 003.gif that's okay.

There were only a few sales from the group of us, BUT everyone got the information on who we were, info on the books and how to order them, and overall it was a lot of fun.

Borders had run a local ad for the signing, which helped. Several people came because they saw that ad. Since I've made contact with the Borders in South Austin, I'm going to see if I can wing a Saturday date out of them next. icon_smile.gif

So my advice: Even if you can't sell because you don't have a tangible product, have only e-books, or don't have a lot of promotional savvy, iand f it's feasible, GO! There's now more people out there who will know about e-books if they didn't, and that many more people who now know of the authors who contributed to the group discs. (There's almost 20 authors iirc on the TexasARF.) Some had book trailers to add, chapters, covers, bookmarks to download, just a lot of stuff that went on a single disc. Plus you get to hang out with other writers. Is there a better way to spend a Saturday??

I know getting out there can be hard. I like talking to people, I'm the extrovert in my house. Even with only the e-books, I made sure everyone knew where and how. The other authors had books, I was the only e-book there, but I DIDN'T CARE! heheheee

It was a lot of fun, and I would suggest for a minimum of three if at all possible, or like was mentioned elsewhere, put out "bait". A sign (book thongs here etc), a question, or something catchy. If you have the means, take a player to play videos. Do a short podcast of the first chapter and play it on the speaker.

I was exhausted afterward, on the go from 10am on, but it was well worth it.

Well, once I have a handle on things here, I'm going to do a press release for the local paper, and hopefully the Borders will run an ad like the SA store did. I meant to do one, and didn't get a chance to research it and how to make it look good in time for the signing after conference.

So to all the ladies I got to spend my Saturday with, Thank you! For making my first signing so wonderfully enjoyable! You ladies Rocked!!!