Monday, November 19, 2007


I ate too much and went christmas shopping with the man. It's his day off and happens to be his birthday, so we went to a BBQ buffet that of course I couldn't possibly do justice to the food being on a diet. *sigh* But it was okay. He ate and that's what he wanted.

As for the Christmas shopping, the boy already has scored! Little stinker. Play-Doh, three new video games (cheap, thank goodness!) and some stuff for the stockings. I also saw some stuff that I can buy for the kidlets elsewhere, so I'll be hitting Wal-Mart after payday. That store must love me. :)

I saw about a dozen different things that I want but of course, really don't need. And all I could see was we'd need a much bigger house. At least come Thursday, I don't have to cook. Going to the Mother in laws for food. What about you guys?

Going out or staying in for Thanksgiving?

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Toni Sue said...

I might as well just sign hubster paychecks over to Wal-Mart. They get most of it anyhow!

Thanksgiving is always a rush at the Toni Sue household. We have so many houses to visit and so freakin' much food! Good luck on the diet through the holidays!! YOU CAN DOOOO EEET! ;)