Friday, November 30, 2007


"Micah, please report to loft room B."

Anticipation made his shoulders twitch. His next assignment was the one! His wings. He floated a few inches above a sunbeam with happiness. One more assignment and he qualified. He wanted to throw a fist in the air and cheer. Instead he made his quiet, if hurried, way to the lofts.

He'd worked hard to earn his wings. Angels had very demanding jobs, though few realized it.

The door appeared within the fluff of one of the concealings. Those were known as clouds on Earth. At that moment though, he didn't care if they were called raspberry jam.

The concealing thinned as he neared, and the glowing door opened when he lifted a hand, as if in greeting.

Taking a final second to push back his hair and straighten his robe, it didn't hurt to look put together when meeting with his mentor, he entered the bright space.

The loft didn't really resemble a room, which was why they were called lofts, encased as they were in the cool, swirling masses of clouds. Every angel in service anticipated being called to the lofts. Every visit offered redemption, and a successful assignment brought them closer to their wings.

The golden tome of angel assignments hung in the air as Aria inscribed his assignment on the gilded pages. The feather quill flew across them. As it continued to write, leaping and twirling as it filled first one page, then another, and two more—and Aria remained silent—Micah began to get nervous.

Finally, the feather stilled and sank to the side of the tome. Aria looked up.

She was a beautiful woman, one of His mentoring angels, and Micah had complete faith and respect in her. He'd come a long way since he'd been given the opportunity to atone. More than once, he'd challenged her, but she'd merely made him work his way through his misconceptions. It was because of her that Micah wasn't working in Hell.

It was difficult for him to remain patient though, beside himself with this last opportunity. One more and he had his wings! He'd had a lot of debts to pay back. After so many angel-aided miracles, he was ready for this last one.

"Come closer, Micah."

She startled him with her soft-spoken voice. It wasn't her usual greeting. He came forward though without hesitation.

She held her hands behind her back as she regarded him. Her golden hair hung between beautiful wings, a mark of her mentoring status. She was beautiful, but angels didn't see physical beauty. She was the inspirational beauty that painters craved to emulate with their talents, and that religions used as icons. She glowed with understanding and patience. "You are aware of your reward if you succeed on this assignment?"

Micah wanted to shout his answer to the heavens, to everyone, but he nodded with a controlled smile instead. Her eyes glinted in amusement at his restraint. Ah, she knew him well.

"This is going to be a very difficult assignment."

Micah shrugged, feeling confident in his ability.

Aria's gaze cooled a little. "Don't be overly assured of success on this one, Micah. It is the Christmas season on Earth. The hardest time of the year for us, for those who lose faith."

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