Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help an author!

Halloween week [from October 30 thru November 6]

Dawn Thompson aka Dawn McTavish
Dawn recently had a bad fall and is in the hospital. She is on a fixed income and as a new writer has to wait for nearly a year to start receiving her royalties. She doesn't have family to help her and has a lot of needs not being covered by her insurance. Friends and Booklovers expressed a wish to help her pay expenses during her recovery.

For more see this site!

Romance that thrives in dark places

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

There's still time!!

There's still time to play our scavenger hunt! It ends tomorrow, and we have lots of goodies to give away, so come and play!

Check it out here!

Romance that thrives in dark places

Monday, October 29, 2007

Christmas story - New Release!!

IPB Image

Releasing November 29th!

It's Micah's last assignment, the one that would earn him his wings. He felt prepared for the challenge ahead of him this Christmas season—until he met her. Karen had been a forgotten child, a loner, and refused to open herself to hurt. She'd been down that road more than once, and very recently had been dealt a miserable hand, being stood up at the altar.

Could an angel on a mission have the answer to her frozen heart? Could the heart of a wounded child locked inside a grown woman bring a forever love together? Only the choice of an angel will make this a Christmas to remember, for both of them.

Chatting today

I'll be floating around two different playgrounds today if you would like to join me.

Novelspotters with The Dark Castle Lords


Joyfully Reviewed for their 2nd Anniversary Bash spotlight sweet works!

Come and play with me! :)

Romance that thrives in dark places

Thursday, October 25, 2007

SRN Halloween Scavenger hunt!!

SRN is throwing a Halloween party! Join us on a scavenger hunt. All the answers can be found through our main site.

It kicks off on Friday October 26th and will end on Halloween!!

There will prizes, books and goodies, and maybe some chocolate too!

Here's the rules:
Answer the following questions and email the answers to with contest in the subject line.

The winner will be announced on the Group Loop October 31st and in the First Friday News Blast!

So, let's get scavanging!!

1) In the October News Blast what was the title of Edita Patrick's release from New Concepts Publishing?

2) Who has the picture of a dog on their cover art?
    Elle Fredrix?
    Kim Watters?
    Adelle Laudan?
    What is the title of that book?

3) What branch of the military is Sela Carson's husband retired from?

4) Cindy Green is published by By Grace Publshing?
    True or false?

5) Diane Craver has three titles listed on her author page at SRN?
    True or false?

Good luck!!!!
Happy Halloween!

**Permission to forward granted**

Romance that thrives in dark places

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Well it's time for me to announce the winners of my drawings!

The winner of the chat giveaway is


The winner to the random post giveaway is


The winner to the question contest is


If you have not received your copy, please email me! Diana . castilleja (no spaces)

Congratulations everyone! Thank you for sharing my latest release with me!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Want to win a free book?

Aurora Salvage is looking for a new life, and a new leaf to turn. She's alone for the first time in ten years, when she loses her husband in a tragic accident while he is on assignment. Drake McKenna is the resident professor of the little New England town she's moved into. A small park is the center of the community, and it's the first place she finds a level of comfort. This is an unfortunate turn for Drake, who's all but claimed the park as his own personal sanctuary where he could hide himself and his wounded heart.

When Drake's father falls ill, however, his only recourse is to return to Scotland, and see for himself how things are, as well as try to keep his brother's wife from claiming their heritage from under his brother's nose. He returns to find his father sick and in bed, but not on the deathbed his brother had first insinuated. Instead, he and Aurora shock not only the household, but his brother when he arrives with a wife. Sean described their father's illness as worse than it was to convince Drake to return home, but he'd not expected the turn of events, nor how deeply all would be affected by his homecoming.

Well, I'm tickled to say my next release, A STROLL IN THE PARK, with The Dark Castle Lords will be releasing this Thursday, a week early! Yay! So that means I have to get on the ball.

I'm going to be chatting about this book LIVE! Yep. October 22nd, at the Night Owl Romance chat room. from 7-9 pm CST.

There will be at least one lucky winner during the chat, and I have a contest right now! Right here!

It's really easy to. Visit my site and read the excerpt (Links below) and tell me who Aurora's husband was. See? How easy is that? Also a random poster on my blog(s) from now until October 23rd will receive a free download of this contemporary romance. That's three chances to win a free copy!

Link to my site Visit my e-books page and read the excerpt posted with this book! Email me the answer to the husband question to Diana dot castilleja with Answer in the subject line. I'll announce the winner and email them on the 23rd.

Good luck! Hope to see you at the release Author party on the 22nd!

Monday, October 15, 2007

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by Adelle Laudan

Winner of Freya's Bower's Anniversary Submissions Call

Lizzy would give it all back just to hear her mother's voice one more time... the house, the furniture...even the money. Regardless, her heartless stepfather is determined to take what he feels is rightfully his. Handyman, Adam Woodward rides into Lizzy's life and vows to keep her safe, but is it enough to stop the cold, callous determination of Ben Stokes?

A Trouble Novel

Rating: Sweet

Book Length: Novel

Genre: Biker Fiction/Contemporary Romance