Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An appalling attack on a writer

A high school teacher in Pennsylvania has been outed for being a romance author, bullied by parents of students for her writing. It is proof positive that bullying is not only a child's problem.

The teacher writes with a pen name, never discusses her work, doesn't bring it to school and doesn't combine her two careers, yet the parents want her fired.

This is their take on it.

Personally, I see nothing more than bullying, and small minds who can't and don't respect privacy. They should be appalled and embarrased, and at the least, the news channel needs to post an apology. What's next? Not letting our children GO to a school because the parent writes?

I'd be honored to know that I have a teacher who is published, who uses her chosen academic field in a positive manner. This is proof of a good education, not a demented mind. Quit confusing them!

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday blahs

Not sure what else to call this.

I've been trying to write for weeks. I finished a story that I turned in about mid-March, and I've done jack since. There have been repairs needed on the car, plans for the summer (that I don't really want to deal with), thoughts of what to do for Authors After Dark....

Really is it any surprise my muse has vanished? Not to me.

I've been reading a little, but sad to say, it hasn't been inspiring me. I have books that I have to write. Ideas that I need to focus on. Instead, I'm here, or on Facebook, or anywhere, but doing what I should be doing. Writing.

When someone finds my motivation could you return it please? My brain is likely attached to it.

Party animals.

Monday, April 4, 2011

A small interruption in our daily lives

Yeah, well, in mine anyway.

Okay, so I tried this thing with Facebook, to combine pages because it was hard to keep up on two pages. Didn't work so well. So I'm trying something with the hopes that it will be like wiping the slate clean for my email and I can go back in and recreate like I'd never been.

What does this mean?

Not a whole lot at the moment. I AM still there only it's just a holding page under my DeRicci email with my name all over it. I'm not going to be using it and will (if this works) be purging that one too.

So, for the next two weeks (14 days to purge--sounds like a really bad grapefruit diet to me) I'll be very quiet on FB waiting for this all to happen. Though I hope if this works, you'll come join me, ask me to be your friend (Facebook limits requests so there's no "abuse" How little they know I only want my listed friends. Not my fault I actually know that many people from all over online! *grin*) In doing this little experiment, I lost over 3,000 "friend" contacts, many of them I DO know, so don't leave me friendless. And keep your fingers crossed that this actually works.