Thursday, September 30, 2010

Signing in Bastrop!

Hey gang. If you're in the area, I'll be at the BOOK BASKET in Bastrop, Tx this Saturday.

Starts at 11a.m. and goes, well, until we sell out, or they kick us out. I'll be joined by the talented Linda Mooney and her awesome Sci-Fi romance Novels.

I'll have goodie bags, and new copies of Unbound Trust and His Redeemer's Kiss on hand for you.

So come join us for a chat, to browse some awesome books, and see what's new. We'd love to see you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

A new sale

There really isn't a sequel involved here, but a follow up to Crowning a Warrior King has been accepted by Tease Publishing. Currently, it is only known as Darmitus, a centaur-fantasy romance.

It loosely follows with a futuristic thread to Crowning, a prince searching for his princess, and being pressured to find her...or else.

More news on the release coming soon.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

So this is out of the blue

People are going to think I'm possessed. I'm posting AGAIN to my blog. Crazy, I know.

Anyway, I've been sitting here (since AAD mostly) thinking I really should be writing, but I haven't the foggiest idea of on what. I have stories to write, some are pretty darned necessary others are 'as I can'. My brain hasn't been able to get back into the game. Life-1/Brain-0.

I have three series I should be working on. Note where I am actually writing at the moment, however. *grin* I just don't think I'm fully recovered yet. On top of the jetlag of the trip, I've discovered my lovely allergies morphed into a chest congestion/head thing. So I'm taking something for that.

Good news since I've returned though. Two of the three books I sent out to publishers prior to AAD have received contracts. I think the third is in the bag, but until I get the yea/nay, I'm being as patient as possible.

Also, Ice Cream In The Snow has made its way to print, just waiting for the final "It's Live!" email. Lovely new cover and everything. Not a bad week to come home to overall. I know I'm rambling so I'm going to back out of the room before I go on much longer. Maybe I'll have more news or thoughts, or whatever in the near future. You never know.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Post-AAD and recovering

Well, I'm home. I still have allergies. For those that were there, my deepest apologies for sounding like Kermit on steroids. Not fun, but we managed, right?

There was so much going on. It was a crazy, hectic weekend. Panels, editors, publishers, READERS! (YAY!) It was awesome seeing everyone again who returned from last year, meeting new faces (Giving the hotel hell! LOL).

Thursday was laid back. Just get in, get your room, and get fed. And OMG!!! The layout of this hotel block was awesome. Could live there. Restaurants galore, Walmart down the street--literally two blocks away! A movie theatre... Next time. Everyone arrived on Thursday night in our room (Got to meet the wonderfully talented Sonya Bateman as a roomie and spent a wonderful time with the gorgeous Selena Illyria. Can't wait to do it again next year!)

Friday was Meet and Greet with the start of books falling from the sky!! Seriously. Books were everywhere for the taking. At every seating of a meal, at panels, at parties. You went, you got GOODIES!!! And not just books. We got scented oils, candy, SWAG by the bucket. Just... Believe me. You need to go to Philly next year. More on that later.

Saturday was the rest of the panels, and the masquerade ball. That was a blast. Awesome music, fabulous desserts and costumes!!! Incredibly well thought out comstumes. My fave was Neil Gaiman's DEATH. You so have the balls man. There were gorgeous muses, fun gypsies, a belly dancer, Eve Dallas (from J.D. Robb fame) and so many that I know I'll screw up who they were and what books they were from. The theme was literary characters. As a small shout out squee, because of my bestest friend in the whole world it wouldn't have happened, Kathy and I got second place in the costume contest. Little Red and Grandma. Tag team baby!

Sunday was the basket giveaways and there were some scrumptious ones to go!! Some I know I'm glad I didn't have to take through airport security. EEEP! But to all the wonderful winners, I'm glad they enjoyed winning them. There was also no less than three (yes that's 3) NOOK giveaways, an iPod Touch, and oodles of wonderful fun stuff. See? And this is going to only get better.... Start planing....

Okay, now for the 'later'. 2011 will be held in Philly. There will be a new website and blog design coming up soon thanks to the most awesome energizer bunny, Stella P. So if you want to go meet and mingle, hang and generally have a great time while getting to know some of your favorite authors, AND finding new ones, then check out this link for the details. Authors After Dark Because you have TO GO to do any of this. Everyone comes away with something, no one leaves without winning a prize, without more reading material than your local library, and without making new friends that will last for years to come.

So to all of you, I extend the invitation and a challenge. Will you be there next year?

I know I will!!!

A short list of attended (squuuueeeeeee!!!!!) authors:

Jacquelyn Frank
Caridad Piniero
Joey W. Hill
Stella Price
Rosemary Laurey
Diana Castilleja/Diana DeRicci
Leigh Ellwood
Samantha Sommersby
Eliza Gayle
Bridget Midway
Jess Haines
Jennifer Armintrout
Laura Baumbach
Augusta Li
Sylvia Day
Selena Illyria
Cat Johnson
Leanna Renee Hieber

So who do you want to meet?