Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday news

Well, I have good news.

The boy has started school, and the drop went well. He was a little nervous, a little shy, but cute as all hell. :) We took a couple pictures of him with his new backpack and his silly self. It has begun. He's growing up. *sigh*

The other good news. I received confirmation from Mills & Boon on my Harlequin submission, so it is officially on someone else's desk and their nightmare until I hear otherwise.

The BIG news?? LOL

I sold one of my stories over the weekend!  Yep! It is the first book of a twin duet, romantic contemporary with hints of fantasy. The second really takes off in the fantasy depeartment, so they are vastly different, but the characters stay true to themselves. I hope. :)  This one will be with The Dark Castle Lords, a really interesting publisher as they have a specific want for their stories. Castles! Isn't that cool?  Which really works out well, because DCL is where I was planning on sending the current fantasy I'm working on reaching the end on.

So that's the news. I'm back to working on keeping those submissions out, working on finishing new sshtuff and having fun where I can.

Have a great week!

Romance that thrives in dark places

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