Friday, August 24, 2007

Well, Crap. Where the HELL have I been?

In a nutshell, nowhere. I've just been really busy working on submissions. I just sent in 6 today, and I'm working on dropping 7 in the next few days. Yep, me, the "I have nothing going nowhere for eternity" now has almost 7 submissions out in the wild blue yonder.

Check out my site for the details. I have all (I think) of my current victims listed. I might have to double check, because knowing me, someone's going to bust me out and call me a liar and it'll be totally unintentional.

Have I mentioned how absolutely crappy I've been feeling? No?? Well, let me fill you in. I. DO. As in stomach aches, can hardly eat and slept for nothing last night which has made me exceedingly crabby for today. Let's see how it pans out for tomorrow. All I know is I HATE feeling this way. The poor boy and I just are not good company in the same house when I'm like this. Let me put it this way. It's 81 degrees outside and AC is only set to 75 and I have the freaking foot heater on because I've got chills. Yeah, I feel that lousy. Temporary damnit. It better be temporary!

Speaking of the little guy... He starts school on Monday! Woot! For him AND for me. He's in another environment, socializing and blowing his teacher's mind over how much he already knows, and I'll be here, able to write for hours, everyday. Or nearly. *sigh* What bliss. Except for the God-Awful time of the morning I have to get up to see him to school. He's a drive-up, so that leaves me to do it. But he's so excited to go! How could I not be happy for him?

And did you see the front page? I have another signing coming up, and I've put it all over the place so if you're in Austin, come and see me. Seriously. Don't let me sit there surrounded by such wonderful talent and have no one to talk to.  (I won't be hard to miss. I'll be the only one out of EIGHT authors who won't have books for you. Working really hard to remedy that situation.)

I'll be back soon with more nonsense, and hopefully some good news. One of my writer pals managed to get one of my submissions knocked up (Ha! Not like that!) in prority. So... Yeah, Tums... I need more tums...

Romance that thrives in dark places


Jane Richardson, writer said...

Diana, I think everyone I know is in a similar boat right now! August seems to be a month of hiatus - but 7 submissions???? You GO, girl! Hope you're feeling better soon too :)
Off to check out your site right now...
all the best
Jane x

Diana Castilleja said...

Thank you Jane. I think I'll be okay after today. Just... *sigh*