Thursday, August 2, 2007

Thirteen Myths about Texas Driving
A Driver's Rant

1. Blinkers are optional.
2. The slow lane is for access road speeds.
3. The fast lane is for those related to the Andretti family.
4. Stop signs are for decoration.
5. Yield signs are invisible.
6. Red lights are only another light at the top/side of the other two that mean go faster.
7. Passing is legal on the shoulder, or break down lane.
8. Passing over a double yellow line is okay, because the lines are decorational.
9. A 3 foot buffer between vehicles at 90 MPH is perfectly safe.
10. The law they passed to reduce speed when you see a cop on the side of the road, was a joke. It didn't really pass.
11. Swerving between vehicles at break neck speed is really training for the Olympic Slalom.
12. Coming to a dead stop on an entrance ramp is perfectly safe to merge with 70 MPH traffic
And lastly....
13. Another driver tailgating close enough to see the color of the eyes of the person behind you is being neighborly.

Sarcasm needs have been met for today. Thank you for reading!

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Jennifer McK said...

OHHHH, they were being NEIGHBORLY. Why didn't I see that?
LOL. Love these, Diana.

Debbie Mumford said...

Ya know, sometimes sarcasm is absolutely neccesary!

shelley said...

Absolutely describes some of the drivers down here in NZ. I'm always pleased to arrive home!

Jennifer Shirk said...

LOL! I think we have #12 in NJ, too.

DD said...

So that explains the way the cabbies were driving at conference! Thanks - all good to know for next time :) (Be careful out there!)

Gina Ardito said...

Omg #12 makes me furious. And here I thought only NY had these idiots.

Paige Tyler said...

LOL! Great list!


My TT is at

Elle Fredrix said...

LOL. I guess it doesn't matter what city you drive in, they're all the same.

And I just LOVE the people that stop instead of speeding up and merging. What is wrong with these people??

Ava Rose Johnson said...

LOL Diana, that's a great list. My grandfather follows those rules

Robin L. Rotham said...

LOL! Around here, if a big vehicle passes you on the 65 mph four-lane doing 85, you can bet it'll have Texas plates...

Lesley said...

Wow you really nailed it!!! Driving in Texas is SCARY!!!!!!!! Oklahoma is too. I blame that on the turnpike with the ridiculously high speed limit. I think alot of people forget that they've gotten off.

Heather said...

Great post - definitely describes a lot of idiots out there on the roads.

Kissa Starling said...

Those are hilarious- I think we have some of those drivers in Georgia!

Tempest Knight said...

*LOL* Totally funny!

Shari said...

You must have been on I-35 recently! LOL

I have serious issues with the way people drive around here. That explains why my car has less than 5000 miles in 3 years, I guess! I avoid freeways when at all possible. My DH thiks I'm nuts, but I'll add 30 mins to my trip just to avoid taking 35.