Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Boycott Mardi Gras Publishing!

If you have any knowledge of the e-publishing industry, this summer has seen a record of company implosions online. I won't dredge up the history. This post is specific.

Mardi Gras Publishing.

Read There's some of it there.

Basically the authors are asking that you DO NOT purchase any titles as MGP is going to declare Bankruptcy at the first of September. Any rights they have will be swallowed by the claim. No monies are being paid to anyone associated with MGP, and haven't been in months. Any titles purchased at any outlet will not benefit the author, the editor, or the artist for the work involved.

Here's an author's account. One mention of it is here as well as here.

I am sure there are more, but many are fearful of coming forward. Writers fear for their careers if they speak out against the "machine" of publishing, even when they are wronged.

Personally, I have no stake in this, except that I'm seeing several friends being hoisted over the spanking barrel for their belief in this publisher. Whether they were treated unfairly, unjustly, or unethically is not my place to say. I have my opinions, but rather than go on an uninformed, non-inclusive rant, I am, on their behalf, posting this boycott.

Romance that thrives in dark places


Shari said...

Diana - thanks for sharing! So many deals fall apart in publishing. Hugs to everyone who got burned, and KUDOS to you for getting the word out!!

Jane Richardson, writer said...

Diana, I read this post last week and I've been shaking my head ever since. So much of this business is based on trust - we make deals with people we might never meet and it's all done on good faith. When that goes bad it gives the whole business a bad name. Yeah, you can investigate before you sign, but it looks like there's only so much you can do. I hope everyone concerned achieves a satisfactory and fair conclusion, soon.
Jane x