Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I recently read Christine Feehan's DARK POSSESSION. Yes, I spent the hard earned money to get it in hardcover. It's no secret that I'm a squeeing fan girl of Ms. Feehan's, and even after this book, shall remain so. I mean, I also read SAFE HARBOR and was absolutely pleased with it. The woman is talented, and we all flub up, due to pressures from the publisher or life or our own muses deserting us. It happens.

Dear made an interesting review, that I swear could have been about this book, even though it was about J.R. Ward's latest installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood, another series that I have enjoyed, but haven't been able to get into as deep as time hasn't allowed. I can't comment on the BDB book because of this.

However, her review said so many things that I could use for Feehan's installment of the Carpathians. Mind you, I am still a fan, only slightly more disappointed, and I doubt I'll be dropping hard core bucks for another hardcover anytime soon.

The world building in itself felt shallow, changing the interactive dynamics so deep in midstream was bothersome. There was an introduction of another paranormal creature element that had had no buildup to this point, no discovery to help smooth the sudden, OMG feeling. There wasn't even that much in this book to help do this.

The second thing that really caught my attention was with MaryAnn, the heroine. All through her history as it is told in the story, which is actually started in DARK DESTINY at her introduction, she abhors violence, understands her own strengths, and knows how to make herself be, well, herself. When she meets Manolito, she fights his allure, but still succumbs to his domination, in more than one way, fairly easily. She becomes submissive to him physically, which doesn't really jive with her strength of self in her character. She doesn't like the feeling of domination, or the lack of control, but yet still does it. Yes, I know some people go against their nature and it's a turning point for their character, but her internal struggle with accepting this was left very vague through the story.

Which was one other problem I felt was out of proportion. The depth of the book, giving the characters their "color" and shape. Whether the book was written on deadline, or by preference I can't say, but it left me feeling very unsatisfied. There wasn't the internal struggles for them to overcome at the level that most of her books have had. It seemed to be missing a layer that is more recognizable in her wriitng.

I know this book is for sale right now, just about everywhere, so feel free to find a copy. Me, I'll still be waiting for the for the next release to be had, but I'll wait for the paperback.

Romance that thrives in dark places

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