Friday, September 14, 2007

Book signing update

Sorry it's taken a while, but I'm here now and this is what happened.

Overall, the signing was well done, the staff were uber helpful, and the experience of hanging out with other writers rocked. The turnout sucked. I put almost a hundred dollars of my personal funds into this signing in promotion. My mother showed up.

Yep, doll that is. We had about a half dozen folks that appeared, some with ARWA and showing out of pity or confused interest, I'm not sure.

Two tips of advice DO NOT schedule when there is a major sporting event on the same day. I wasn't even aware of the football schedule when I planned the signing at Borders, but in Austin we breathe UT Football. If you have the money, you bleed orange as well.

Second. Try to schedule around another store's opening if at all possible. The Borders we held the signing at is in a new mall complex and Super Target is scheduled to open in October. If I had known that, we could have increased out potiential foot traffic by coinciding with that.

Oh, and have someone standing at the door to point people to the rear of the store where they are likely going to stick you. No one knows you're there. Hand them flyers, smile, thank them for coming and then shove them toward the rear (that's only mild humor).

The store *will* keep the ordered books to sell, but I know shelf space is prime and they will just as likely return them or set them on some obscure schlub space for the average joe to ignore, so they can validate returning them for "nonsales"  I really hope it doesn't happen.

If you live in Austin, check out the South Park Meadows Borders and ask for the books from the romance writers who were there for the signing last weekend.

As for what I'm planning on doing now... Probably not another signing, not until I have real print books. Teaser CD's at signings bomb, and since I didn't have a book, I couldn't pay anyone to take my card, much less a goody bag of info, bookmarks and candy. But that's okay. We have an annual City Birthday party next month. I'm just going to take a boxful and hand out stuff. It's doing me no good sitting in my office.

Romance that thrives in dark places


Lexi said...

Hey, now! I took one of the goodie bags! And I'm very thankful for it!

I'm sorry you put so much effort into it and got so little in return.

Hang in there. They won't all be like that!

Diana Castilleja said...

Thanks Lexi! Your hug is much appreciated. :)

I'm hoping they won't be like that and what happened that day will be the exception rather than the norm. I have hopes for more signings in the future. :)