Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This Week:In Diana's Head

Minor details this week. I've had a schedule change come up. I won't be in Kyle on Aug 1st for the Market Days. I've replanned it for October 3rd, where they'll now be held on the Town Square at the old court house. Lots of trees! My September date hasn't changed. So I hope y'all will come out and see me!

I also wanted to wish one my best friends, Linda, a quick recovery. She's been laid low this week, forced to bed rest--tough, right? Take care of yourself, lady. :)

Also, don't forget Crowning A Warrior King is out this month in E! I can't wait to hold this one in my hot pudgy hands. LOL It'll be in print in August, in time for AAD. Not a bad deal if you ask me.

It's been kind of quiet on the homefront. It's been too hot to do much. One-oh-four and climbing on several days. The kiddo has another karate tournament in a few weeks for his next belt stage. After this, if he passes his class testing, he'll need two tournaments at each rank to gain belt ground. He's been holding steady. I'm very proud of him for wanting to stick with it. And school starts in about six weeks again, which means.... ta-taaah daah.... Cooler weather! What? I bet you thought I was going to say no kid.

Heh... That's a given. *wink*

Have a great week, and stay cool!

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