Tuesday, November 16, 2010

To Wed A Centaur King


To Wed A Centaur King

By: Diana Castilleja
Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
ISBN # 9781607671244

Word Count: 25700
Heat Index  

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About the book

Pasha really doesn't believe the fantastical things Darmitus has told her. Even when he shows her the truth, she still doubts his true intentions. Can his envious cousin use her doubts and fears to tear apart their fragile new love or will Pasha see through his schemes to destroy Darmitus?

An excerpt from the book

He leaped, scrambling forward oblivious to those around him, following his nose then stopping with a lurch beneath an awning covering a locked service door. He drew a disbelieving breath deep into his lungs and almost quivered with the discovery as the scent hummed through his body, filling his bloodstream and striking against hungry nerves. His eyes shut, just absorbing the essence of what he'd found. "Thank you, At' Atan," he murmured a moment later. His eyes opened, piercing the unending stream of bodies. It was there in the menagerie of aromas of the city, a single gentle scent, almost buried beneath the weight of so many others. Delicate and pure.
A mare. A true Ixion blood mare. He clenched his hands in his pockets reflexively and followed. It was late in the afternoon and people were returning to the many apartments in the district. Drones. That was what they reminded him of. One day after another. So very few showed real life, real joy. He prayed his princess was among them. Darmitus would be only too happy to pull her out of this kind of Hell. He knew she hadn't passed him so he walked onward, catching the lingering fragrance of her on the breeze every few steps. Now that he had her in his senses, he could separate any others to find just her. A delicate summer scent that defied the heaviness of the city's odors.

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