Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm boycotting you!

Yes, I am. No, I'm not going to list names, countries or even what universe you're in, but I am going to leave you and your entire book catalog in the dust. You're a bad example of professionalism. You're disrespectful to authors. You have no concept of voice, editing, or literacy. I'm appalled at how you trample spirit, voice, ethics, morals and imagination. You do not respect the written word--you rewrite the entirety to suit you. To me this is not a publisher I would trust with my garbage.

Oh, and if there's any doubt, this is a New York process I'm mentioning here, not even small press. No, this is the manhandling, bullying and downright maleficent treatment I've witnessed this year. So, that being my rant, as of today, I am not buying another book published by this esteemed New York conglomerate. I am sorry authors, for the minimal twelve cents of my purchase you will miss, but I can't in good conscience support this type of brutality on authors.

*end rant*

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