Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm in bad shape

I won't go into details, but life sure does like kicking hard when a girl is down. A lot of people know that my family was affected by the Texas wildfires in September. They're doing well, getting things in motion to rebuild. I'm thankful every day that they are here (Not literally, just that they are well. Can you imagine? My parents here too? Eeep! :) ) and can do this when so many are struggling.
Well, three weeks ago, we had another kick in the teeth happen. This one is personal to just myself and my family and let me tell you, it sucks huge. I've been hiding in my bedroom for three days just because, well, I can. I have my laptop, though for the most part, I haven't been very visible online. I know we'll come out of this spiral. I am not looking forward to the upset stomachs, headaches and uncertainty that is sure to come with it all.

I've dealt with depression before, and I know things will improve, so I'm doing my best to not let it overwhelm me and get worse and make things for me and my family worse all the way around. But I think for the moment, I'm going to stay tucked into bed.

I'm going to end this with an upbeat note because I need some happy. The Texas Rangers are going to World Series for the second year in a row! I have my fingers crossed (When they're not typing. LOL) and I'll  be rooting for the home team!


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