Saturday, April 19, 2008

All's Fair in Love and War

Remember the Amazon battle between the reviewer and the author? No, it wasn't fictional. It was terribly real, and very terrifying when you read the above post.

I'm posting on behalf of fairness, freedom of speech, and for Amazon to take a stand for ethical treatment and and against illegal terrorizing of its reviewers. Think I'm kidding?

Read the post. There's a petition and a LOT of news organizations to contact. Freedom of speech is not conditional in this country.


Linda Mooney said...

This whole affair isn't going to quickly blow over. I'm also interested in seeing how this backlash affects DAM as an author, and for Highland Press.

In the meantime, DAM should never have gotten full rights to that deceased author's books. That should be property of the FAMILY, and all profits should go directly to the FAMILY.

Diana Castilleja said...

I totally agree.

What's going on with Amazon is unethical and bordering on approving of cyber-terrorizing to say the least.

I don't know enough on the Dawn Thompson fundraiser to say one way or the other. That's something the courts will have to decide IF it goes that far. Honestly, I half expect that to go nowhere. She got a lot of donations on Dawn's behalf, and only the people who donated can make a claim.

The whole face of Amazon is turning me off. I won't support them in anyway until some efforts to improve are made.

TJ said...

There is a saying in this business and I find it so appropos - suck it up, princess.

Most authors, at some point, miss the mark with some reviewer. It happens and to take it out on the reviewer isn't just stupid, it's so high-school. The wolfpack mentality all the more so.

As to Amazon - I haven't been hot on them for a while. I don't buy from them, so it isn't so much a big deal to me. I don't sell on them, but I think it is sick that they have gone to the point of 'author is always right'.



Diana Castilleja said...

Very true TJ. I've less than wowed more than one (And it hurts to say it! LOL) but I won't begrudge them the opinion.

Traci Flowers said...

Wow! This burns me everytime I read about it.