Thursday, April 10, 2008

Okay, I'm doing it

I'm finally culling the book herd.

The man has really been wanting me to do this for some time, and honestly with somewhere close to 800 books all over, I guess I can't blame him. I've pulled about 30 or so from the current R&D box (Read & Dead). I have several more boxes I can go through and I guess over the next day or two, I will.

There's some books I won't part with. Mostly books in series, or books that I really, really loved. If I can't remember it well enough then it can go. Some books will go because I hated them, or didn't like the storyline at all, but that's really a limited few. I'm a very lenient reader. I'm sure authors love that in a reader. Just make me happy.

I want to enjoy a good read. I enjoy it so much, I have a strong penchant for books. Better that than a really bad kind of addiction, don't you agree?

So far, a lot are category books, but several single title books that I've had for at least five years are getting tossed in the bag. I'm sure there will be more. This is the first time I've ever tried to thin the book herd so to speak. Don't worry Kathy, none of yours are in here. :)

I never really wanted to, but I can see his point. I'm over flowing at the gills with books. So they have to go. The good side of that coin: Trade them in at the UBS and get credit for more books! But I won't tell him that. LOL

How long do you wait to thin out the library? Do you?

ETA: I've pulled roughly 130 books (four bags worth) to go to the UBS. What's sad? I found three more boxes of books. :( So... I'm easily over a thousand books now. Just wowza.


Lauren Murphy said...

I was forced to do this a few months ago. The man was complaining. Something about he was tired of tripping all over my books. Pfft! Whatever. Anyway if I didn't like the book or it wasn't memorable then it goes. I bag them up and take them to good will, since my mom told me that you just don't throw away books!

Diana Castilleja said...

See... He doesn't even have to trip over mine. They are all put away or on the TBR bookshelf. I think he just got annoyed when he cleaned the garage and realized how many of the heavy boxes were my books. LOL.

Lauren Murphy said...

So it's me again. You've been tagged. Haha! :D

Emma Sanders said...

I can't say how long it takes me because I don't know. Sometimes I lend them to my aunt, who also loves to read, so I get rid of a few that way. I also have some stores in boxes in a storage, so it isn't so obvious they are around, but I can't part with them. I also have a lot of nonfiction books such as crafting, gardening and cook books lining my shelves or in storage.

My hubby can't complain much. Though he doesn't have books, he saves his magazines. He's a car aficionado and has several car type of magazines. He may need to read them for reference again one least that's his excuse, LOL.

Toni Sue said...

Well, I had to do that months ago when I tried staying home to work. I had heard the hubster complaining before (you know, that loud humming noise in the background) but hadn't really taken his complaints to heart until I had to start working around them all :) I feel your pain, I really do, but like you said, you can get more :)

Dana Belfry said...

Ohhh I really hate having to do this but I suspect I'm going to have to do it again soon!

*high fives for you!*