Friday, May 2, 2008

Is Amazon allowing cyberstalking?

There's a valid complaint against Deborah MacGillivray regarding reviews posted by Reba Belle being pulled. In previous posts at Dear regarding Reba Belle and other reviewers, it's stated that this author (I hate being in the same category as this person) has stated clearly she has intentionally garnered Reba's personal information, as much as her address, her phone number, her grandmother's last name etc., etc, with the intent to stop her.

She succeded. Deborah Ann permanently had Reba blacklisted for giving out a fair, concise, well written 3 star review.

Reba Belle has been bullied and threatened, stalked and verbally abused. Why? Because she dared to give that 3 star review.

The petition is still live and will be sent to Amazon through Dear Author. If you are against cyberstalking, review manipulation and for Free Speech, then read and sign.

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Unhinged said...

I've been reading about this ever since it burst onto the WWW scene. I can't understand why Amazon is still backing DMG and not RB. There has to be something we're missing, right?