Sunday, May 4, 2008

Meet the Robinsons

I don't usually do movies and stuff, but this was a terribly cute movie. Lots of humor for the grown ups without being "adult". The theme was easy to follow for the kid. He sat through the majority of it too. Always a good sign the movie was fun. Although bouncing off the walls like spiderman is usually a winner too.

You have Louis, the main character as a boy, and Wilbur, his friend that comes back in time to correct a mistake that happens in the future. And it's quite a mistake, because everytime Louis tries to fix something, he breaks it more. Boy, can I relate to that! But he's really a genius in the making.

There's the hat, Doris, which is fascinating until the end when you realize she's not all she appears. That's about as deep a spoiler as I'm going to give on that one.

Then there's Goob, Louis' roommate who is adorable. It's a story about kids for kids and it's really easy for them to follow.

If you want an afternoon fun flick to watch with the kids that won't bore you because it is a Kid Flick, then I do recommend the Robinsons.

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