Thursday, February 25, 2010

Okay, I've been quiet

And I know it.

All with good cause!! Book 4 of the Aiza Clan Shifter Series has a title... *drumroll please*


Woot! No more... "Where is Book 4?" or "You know, that one?" LOL

There's also been a few things going on around here with the in tons of it! Which means some new releases headed your way soon!

Interested in a goodie bag? How about a tote bag? Well, it's pretty easy. Down below is a list (Thanks to the lovely Selena Illyria for putting it together) of questions. Answer the ones that apply to you, but try to answer at least 7 (half is fair, right?) for your name to be included in a drawing for the goodies! If you do take the time to answer them all, there will be a little something extra for those who do.

You can email the replies to me at diana dot castilleja AT gmail dot com. This will be an open questionnaire until the 25th of March. I'll pick at the end of March and announce here. If you send me replies, make sure the email is current, so I can contact the winner!

So here goes:

1) How much promo is too much? Example: Seeing an author's name and promo for the same book every day on every loop you belong to -vs- Seeing an author's name once and promo for certain time period.

2) How do you hear about info about your fav author(s)? Website? Newsletter? Publisher site? Yahoo group? Facebook? My Space? Ning? Twitter?

3) How do you connect with your fav author(s)? On a blog? Website? Yahoo/Google Groupe? Facebook? My Space? Twitter?

4) Do you vote when your author is up for an award or best book? (If voting is allowed)

5) Do reviews sway whether or not you'll buy a book?

6) If an author wins an award, does that make you want to check them out if you haven't already done so?

7) Do you read reviews? What if the review was from a big name author?

8) Does a publisher's reputation make you want to buy books from them?

9) How much does cover art play into you checking out a new author? How much does bad cover art peak your curiosity about a book? Does bad cover art cause you to turn away from the book? Do you prefer photo cover art or digital (Daz, Poser, etc.)?

10) Coupons: Do you love them? Use them or would you prefer a discount in the first week of sales?

11) Do you check out publisher days on Yahoo Loops? Do you attended publisher chats?

12) Do you wait to buy a book when it's on sale?

13) Do you enter contests hoping to win books? Do you read the books you win?

14) Authors: Promo companies love em or hate em or are indifferent?

15) Do you enjoy "cyber signings"? Public "live" signings?

16) Do you follow, or paticipate in/with, blog tours?

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