Tuesday, February 2, 2010

This Week: In Diana's Head

diana's head I think I'm becoming a total convert.....

That's convert...Not PERVERT! Get out of the gutter. Sheesh!

Okay, so I'm sitting here--Yeah, I know. Like that's news. Anyway, I'm sitting here and I've been reading a storm on my ebookwise. Been doing some serious revisions on a very long book and after two weeks of "OMG! I did not write that...that badly!" I needed a break. So I've been playing with my E-library and reading some utterly delicious stories.

And it got me thinking. Out of over a dozen and a half books that I've read in January, only two were DT (dead tree) books. Yeah, I've read a ton on my reader, and thinking I want more! I love to read even while I'm writing. The funny thing is, looking back over the month, and deciding what next to read, I've come to the conclusion I'd much rather read on my reader than read a print book.


I know. I'll let that sink it. It was pretty shocking for me today too. I have an entire bookcase of DT books. 500+. Don't get me wrong. They're all books I bought because I wanted to read them, or because I received them in some manner. (Like at AAD con). But buying them means I also have to find a home for them afterward. I keep a certain few, favorites etc., but for the most part, I swap them or send them to friends. We don't have the room for an extensive collection. The irony is even buying them in print, doesn't mean I'll read them an sooner than an ebook.

The problem I face is with NY author books, I can't read those on my ebookwise (file compatibility and DRM issues), so I typically buy those in print. Then they languish. I have come to the conclusion it's because my reading preference is changing. So while I drool over the print and awesome covers and the authors I know I want to read, I'm feeling less and less pressured to buy them in print. Eventually I will have a reader that can handle the different formats (I've been looking at several) and in time I honestly think the only thing that will fill my bookcases will be my treasured favorites and books I love to read and can't part with.

Is your reading changing because of the E formats? Is selection making a difference in your purchases? What are your thoughts?


megan said...

Hi Diana! Hopefully you remember your cousin from Pennsylvania who emailed you sometime ago (it's me if you haven't caught on). Anyway, I was at Barnes and Noble the other day and I just so happened to come across a name I recognized.
I was so excited! I turned to the person I was with and practically shouted "That's my cousin!" Anyway, just thought I'd let you know. Glad to see you're enjoying your eReader because I've heard mixed reviews about them. Hope the family is well!
Your cousin Megan.

Diana Castilleja said...

OMG! Megan!

It's great to hear from you! You have to email me when you get time. I'd love to send you some stuff.

I'm tickled you found my name at the store. I'm stoked! No one's mentioned that before. :) You tell them all you want I'm your cousin. ;)

BAN said...
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