Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This Week: In Diana's Head

It would seem I'm a little slow moving this morning. Couldn't sleep last night, so this morning is a double-latte-espresso shot of "get my butt in gear". Have you ever noticed how rarely things really go according to plan? I have. Seems everytime I have something I know I'm going to do, it doesn't go smoothly, or the way I want it to, or the timing is off, or just bad.

Take last night. It was karate for the boy. Except, he couldn't find his belt. May not seem like a big deal, except it's disrespectful to not show up in full uniform. So we spent the next two hours cleaning his room. We found the belt about an hour into it. He can make up the class, but I think now he has a bigger understanding of how important it is to know where all his things are and that it's his responsibility to know that. (The room wasn't that bad, someone had put his belt in a closed small container for his loose cars. Y'know, some place not meant to have a belt.... *sigh*)

Saturday was his birthday party. His cake was fifty-five minutes late in arriving, so we were rushed. Another one I've chalked up to "What can you do?"

There's many things in life like that, and so many more that I'm not even mentioning.

There are some that take the wind out of your sails, or screw-ups that make you think you really shouldn't be doing what you're doing at that time. For me, it's the writing. Several things have had ill- or bad timing in the last several months. It's making me reevaluate certain aspects (no I'm not quitting, but I tell ya', it makes me wonder if someone is trying to tell me something I should listen to). But we keep trying, keep going. I'm not throwing in the towel, but I have this feeling that I'm waiting for the next round of bad happenstance, or the next miscue, or the next delay. I can take them, but when disorganization is happpening more than smooth sailing, you have to ask why. Ask if it's me, or something else. If it could be avoided, or if it's simply a case of getting over the hump. It could just be the moon phase too.

As an aside, a dear friend of mine went into surgery this morning. If you could, just keep her in your prayers. I rarely ask for blind faith, but this is my mentor who I've been with for almost three years now. I've never even met her face to face, but she's a brass-balled angel and I wouldn't have her any other way.


Luci.Calanor said...

I'm sending my thoughts and prayers her (and your) way D! Keep your chin up honey, it will all even out in the end.

L.K. Campbell said...

What is that old saying about the best laid plans? Sometimes, we just have to play it by ear. I'll say a prayer for your friend's quick recovery.