Tuesday, June 1, 2010

This Week: In Diana's Head

diana's head.jpg I know I missed a couple weeks. Well, here I am, if not mentally, at least physically. Been a long couple of weeks getting to the end of the school year. Three days left. Teachers out there, I know, are dancing in the street. And they should.

Me? Can't. My writing drops to nil during the summer with the boy home.

Yesterday, we went to see the IronMan2 movie. Holy Cannoli Batman! That is one awesome flick. And there's a little something at the very end, but you have to wait 'til the end of the credits. Trust me. The special effects and computer stuff is just mind boggling.

Think about it. Star Trek literally paved the way for minds to create and invent the sliding acces door, cell phones, and any number of other everyday items that we use now. What will movies like IronMan do for our technology innovation? We already use lasers in several capacities. What about interactive computers? A fully automated house, keyed by voice?

Granted, it wasn't hard to watch Robert Downey, Jr. act all badass and stuff. He's quite charismatic, and plays the narcisstic playboy almost like a second skin. (Fiction imitates real life, I guess. ;) ) Trust me. Worth the money to go see on the big screen. Though I'm sure we'll be getting it on disc too.

Until next week.

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