Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Week: In Diana's Head

What's been shakin this summer...

Well, honestly, not me, and not as much as I'd like. LOL I've been doing a few things with the family (frightening, I know), getting ready to revamp my main site (again! hahah) and in general trying to write as much as I can with the boy home for summer. So far, in truth, I haven't done all that badly. I've even been playing Star Wars: Battlefront with him. Of course, I have no game coordination, so the bottom line is I suck and he kills me like a Thanksgiving turkey all the time, but it's fun and he's been having a blast spending time with mom.

Recently, I was asked to write a story I'd never considered for an antho. Not a big deal, but the story line is one that I probably wouldn't have come up with on my own. It's out of the norm. It's not even paranormal! I know! Shocking! But it's made me think, how often do we challenge ourselves to go outside of the box? And not just with something like writing.

Are you one of those people who try new physical adventures? Skydiving? (I don't get the concept of jumping out of a perfectly sound plane, but that's me. LOL!) What about traveling somewhere you've never been? A new shopping center really doesn't count, folks. Nice try. *g*

I'd like to think I'm an out of the box kind of person, not deterred by challenges. I love to travel, love to see new places, meet new people. I'm not adventurous enough for the really physical sports, like speed walking (Joking!) Like wall climbing, really, but I'd like to think given the opportunity, I'd try something different, or facsimile there of.

What do you think? Are you willing to take a chance to go out of the box? What are some of the things you've discovered by accident, dare or challenge? I'd love to hear from you.

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