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Now available for Pre-order! Aiza 4 - TRUST REVEALED!

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 Trust Revealed

  By: Diana Castilleja | Other books by Diana Castilleja
  Published By: Tease Publishing LLC
  ISBN # 9781607671169

  Word Count: 97495
  Heat Index

 Available in: Adobe Acrobat

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Available August 15! Preorder available now!

About the book

Morgan Aiza is tormented by a dream seductress, a woman who has haunted his dreams like a nightmare, but leaves him craving for a completion he's never known--and has never wanted. When Fate steps in and his dream woman literally runs right past him, Morgan is determined to prove he has no need of a wife, or a mate.

N'Rea Gordon has been alone since she was a teenager, moving and hiding, but from what she's never really admitted. When Morgan appears and offers more of himself than any other person in her lifetime in the name of compassionate aid, she is compelled to fight the attraction and help tooth and nail.

Trouble is hounding him, and evil is stalking her. From the gates of the Renaissance Faire where Morgan is granted an honorable knighthood, to the very doors of the family they are stalked by an unknown danger. To survive and to acknowledge the deepest trust either have known, they are going to have to face the ultimate good versus evil struggle.


An excerpt from the book

Morgan glanced up from his plate to find both his sisters waiting expectantly. "I'm sorry. Did you say something?" he managed to mumble around the mouthful he chewed. He swallowed the chunk of meat, wincing as it slid to weigh heavily in his ungrateful stomach, and waited for the coming storm.
Selene waved an impatient hand at him. "See? That's what I'm talking about. He's oblivious to the entire world." Facing her brother, she placed a hand across her growing abdomen. "Morgan, you've been in a serious funk for weeks. What's going on?"
He shrugged, setting his fork beside his plate, avoiding his sisters' contemplative gazes, glancing at his dinner with longing instead. Somehow he didn't think he'd get to eat more anytime soon. "I don't know. Nothing I can think of," he replied innocently. Too bad Bram and Mitch had stepped outside for some brotherly bonding when they'd finished dinner. Morgan felt outnumbered two to one.
Selene's gray eyes flashed at him with irritation, her brow taut with her frustration at his answer. Morgan knew that stare. He had the exact same storm-gray eyes, just as capable of slicing a person in two. She'd learned it from him. Maybe too well.
"You're lying. You never used to," Selene scolded coolly.
"Maybe he needs a change of scenery," Brooke suggested with a teasing pitch in her voice.
Morgan didn't think so, but he knew her exuberance usually meant something he wasn't going to enjoy. He waited to be proven right.
"Hey, I know! Mitch and I are going south for a couple of weeks. There's a Faire we wanted to wander through before he starts with the fire department here."
"A Faire?" Morgan echoed with a sour burn. Yep, just as he suspected. It might have been his dinner making that ache in his stomach, but he doubted it. "Why a Faire?"
Brooke's whole face lit up with the idea of a new adventure. "Something different. Malls are boring. It's near Sacramento, I think. Autumn is right around the corner. It'll be beautiful with all the trees. Summer days and cooling nights," she told him.
"Call Roman," Morgan suggested with a firm 'no thank you' tone.
"Oh, come on," Brooke cajoled with a winsome smile. "It could be fun."
"It could also be the most nauseating time of my life," he muttered. "I don't want to go."
"Morgan," Selene said with a sharp undertone. "You need to do something. You've been haunting the woods like a damn ghost for weeks. You're restless."
"So? Since when has it ever mattered?" He didn't restrain the cold chill in his tone. He didn't need his sisters needling him over this.
Selene drummed her fingers over the table in a rapid rhythm. Morgan knew she was aggravated with him, and he wasn't making it any easier on her. She was seven months pregnant with Bram's child. Except for the annoyed frown she wore between her brows, she glowed with the pregnancy. Both his sisters did. Brooke was barely six weeks pregnant herself.
Brooke and Mitch had returned from Belgium a few days before after a stay with Aunt Jerry. Except for the absence of Roman and Delilah, the quadruplets were at Selene's for dinner. It was a regular gathering, and silently, he wished he could have missed this one.
Selene's voice lowered with anxiety for her brother. "You may be the oldest Morgan, but we do have the right to worry about you." Her face smoothed, her hidden concerns out in the open. "And right now, I'm worried."
He controlled the black thunder pulsing under the surface of his skin, raking over sensitive nerves, the urge to snap painfully close from too many restless nights spent first enjoying, then suffering, his dream seductress. His sisters weren't the meddling types, but being family, both were more than capable of getting under his skin. He tempered the impulse to a simmer with deliberate effort. His lack of sleep wasn't their problem.
Brooke leaned toward him, pulling his attention in her direction. "I know we're going," she said, her brow twisted with her own worry. "We put a bid on the old Victorian on the outside of town. Mitch wanted to be closer to town than this for his shift duty. We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we get it, and I'm looking into the vacant corner shop off Main to open an apothecary. So this is probably going to be the extent of our travels for at least a year." She rose from her seat at the table and settled a comforting hand on his shoulder, her warmth flowing over his soul. "If you want to go, you're welcome to come with us." She started to leave but peeked at him with a devilish grin. "And before you ask, we're driving." She gave him a big wink and left them sitting at the table, vanishing through the front door to go outside to join Bram and Mitch.

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