Sunday, August 15, 2010

A few updates

I'm guilty. Completely. Well, it's summer. I have a child at home. Series that I'm writing, a conference to prep for.

What am I guilty of?

Completely ignoring my blog. I'm sorry. *facepalm* No, I'm not one of those who loves to share tons of personal doings. Seriously? You want to hear about my bi-weekly trip to the grocery store? Yeeeaaah. I thought not. And other than writing and not going crazy when my child begins to whine that he's booorred and there's no one to plaaaay with, while I count days to the beginning of school, (One week and counting), there just isn't that much to blog about in my corner of the universe. The house is still standing, the husband is still working and I'm still writing. That's the lump sum. Frightening, I know. LOL

Luckily, a couple of good things are happening or coming that I want to share. Firstly, Unbound Trust will be available for purchase (and signing!) at Authors After Dark in September, as will His Redeemer's Kiss. I'm glad to finally have that one coming to my hot little (little is a refernce, folks) hands. LOL (If you're not going, I will have copies of both here, that you can order direct, signed and shipped. Visit this link for the details.)

Also, coming August 18th, this week, is the final installment of Aiza Shifter Clan quad series. Trust Revealed will be on All Romance Ebooks, and in fact is there now, available for pre-order. Want it as soon as it goes live? Go ahead and request it now. Then... Now... Tomayto, Tomahto. LOL

I've also decided to put a test title on Kindle. It'll be a re-release of one of my early contracted books, with a new cover. I'll keep updates on that as well. I have pages on Amazon, and books available on Kindle or in print already, so if you miss it here, just check there every now and then for changes.

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