Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award!

Wow! This was quite the surprise. Thank you K.C. Kendricks for suggesting my blog for this. Like K.C. my week has been very full.

Monday, I was a guest blogger at Jojo's Book Corner. Tuesday was my birthday, and I helped host a forum day on Coffee Time Romance for their Bringing in the New Year party bash. Check it out for a chance to win a Pandigital reader. Also on Tuesday, I learned my alter ego was nominated for one of Love Romances Cafe's Best of 2010 awards. Color me tickled.

Then today was Sweeter Romantic Notions sweet pitch day! It was a total success, so this has been a week for sure!

So for K.C., I say thank you for this!

The rules are simple:
For those who have been nominated, there are few criteria to meet:

1. Thank and link back to the person who nominated you, only do not re-nominate them.
This I can do. I don't even need a compass! 

2. Share 7 things about yourself
Okay if you insist.
  1. I love the snow. Don't see it often enough to hate it. LOL
  2. I owned horses for years. Love them! Wish I still had them to ride. Miss them. 
  3. I will probably never stop tyring to convert my mother to an e-reader. She will be assimilated! I've already converted my BFF. I have the power! 
  4. I don't watch TV. Maybe an hour a month, or a movie with the fam. I rarely even have one on.
  5. I'm a Cityville addict.
  6. I love pens. PENS people. Sheesh.
  7. I love fireworks and laser shows.

3. Pass along this nomination to 10 recently discovered stylish and cool bloggers
This is the only thing that will disappoint. I don't forward memes, but thank you so much for adding me in this one. :)

4. Contact them and tell them about their nomination.

So that's the blog. Hope you have a great weekend. Friday is right around the corner. 

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