Monday, November 17, 2008

This Week: In Diana's Head



I know this is usually like a Tuesday blog, because that's when I finally get around to writing it, but this week, I have some fun news to share! If you were around over the weekend, you know I went and picked up a puppy. He's been a blast and I'd like to introduce him to you.

Please say hi to Rascal!

IM000391   IM000390  


He's a whopping pound and a half of vicious fury... No, not really, but he's got a loaded tail of Happy, and an itty bitty bladder! LOL I should have some more pictures of him soon because as small as he is, he doesn't do cold weather very well, and of course, I picked him up on the first big cold snap day of November. By the way, that monster human hand you see is my almost 7yo son, the puppy is six weeks. He's sitting in his lap, but his size is so small, you could put him between two slices of bread. Seriously. Okay, he'd wiggle too much but he's teeeeeeeny tiny, and a huge love bug and he's really taking to going potty outside.

So watch out, you may stumble into the odd post of cuteness here from now on. It kind of looks like someone licked him up his face, doesn't it?

Now for other news...

I just read Jennifer Leeland's Regaining Command regainingcommand. If you have not read her stuff, trust me, you are missing out. This book was hot, twisted, sexy, sin-tastic (it too is a word. I just made it up!) and if it weren't for the fact that my PDA's battery screams in pain when I read too long, I would've read it in one sitting. The entire Regaining Command Series can be found through Liquid Silver Books. Another author that I've recently read, and loved, is Jaquelyn Frank, the Nightwalkers. OMG! Can we just say *drool*? Freaking awesome demon stories, with vampires, shifteres, shadow people. A whole world to love. And lastly, Stella and Audra Prices's Deep Water. Super cool dragon story. I adored Kael in this book and felt the family dynamics would be a great background to visit regularly. I'm sure actually staying with his crazy optimistic sister in law for any lengtt of time would be a whole other issue, but you know it'd never be boring.

So that's been my reading shelf. I'm also reading MJD's Queen Betsy books. I'm on Undead and Unpopular tonight. I'm sure I'll be done with it by the time this goes live on Monday. ;) My TBR pile is only about 600 books. Every one read counts. LOL

Also, I'm participating in a huge Christmas scavenger hunt! Click the banner to get started. Tons of prizes, tons of authors to check out, but it's super easy! A quick scavenger hunt! Running until December 15! So go hunting!


Be sure to stop by SRN's Yahoo group December 12th. We'll be having our annual Christmas Bash! There will be excerpts, prizes and surprises! I think even a publisher or two might be joining for the fun! So stop by, share some hot chocolate or eggnog!


And just one more....

2Stacys Christmas blogfest 08 Blogging mayhem starting December 1st! Check in daily for the latest!

It's going to be a busy Christmas season! Get in on it now!


Jennifer McKenzie said...

Thanks for the shout out!!!! And that puppy is sooooooo cute!
Big hugs darlin'.

L.K. Campbell said...

Hi, to Rascal. He is soooooooo cute! I love puppies.

Chiron said...

Too Cute!!

What a lovely little pooch. Congrats!

ddurance said...

How sweet is that? Awww, you lucky dog. LOL