Friday, June 29, 2007

A good trip to the bookstore

But is there such a thing as a bad trip?

Only when I'm broke!

Well, I took the day off, went and played and the cable company decided they would make an effort to ensure that I wasn't able to be here. I got home to discover the internet was down--across the state! Eeeeeks! Well, thankfully, it's back up for the moment, so I'm going to do my shopping success squee while I can.

Yesterday I hit Half Price Books. Wasn't really looking for much, but I had promised a trip to the boy, so we went. Well, they had a lot of recent stock on the floor in boxes, and looking through those, I found one of Jennifer Skully's books, who had just done a workshop this month at the Romance Divas. I totally scored with three of hers! blushing So much for "not looking".

Then today was a trip to Borders. I was looking for a book for the man. Found it! LOL He's happy. And I found a few more that I just had to have... LOL

So I scored Jennifer's latest It Must Be Magic, and several others, including a couple of Divas' books. Y'know, gotta share the love. So all total I got 8 books this week. Please don't tell the man... big grin

Have a great weekend!

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I'm tagged you, too!