Saturday, March 29, 2008

Amazon's lesson on monopolies

This hit the waves on Thursday or so, and it's looking more and more like they are going to go through with it. It's nothing short of strong arming small POD (Print on Demand) companies who service publishers for their author's books into using Amazon's printer to be marketed on their website.

What does that mean?

Amazon regulates who they publish, who they market, and can double charge you for the effort. They can charge you for the print of the book, then again for the sale of the book. No, not the consumer, oh heaven forbid! No, they can charge the AUTHOR. There's a fee to use the printer to supply the book and there's a fee to sell your book to the consumer.

There's thousands of authors at stake and tens of thousands of books. Please review the links, read the blogs, and read the comments. The comments are made by authors, readers and booksellers from around the world. Then tell Amazon if you feel this is fair, or an anti-trust, an anti-trade, demonic attempt to strong-arm the book publishers of the world to kowtow to a corporation.'s mission statement reads - "
“The mission of is to leverage technology and the expertise
of our invaluable employees to provide the best buying experience on
the Internet. Our goal is nothing short of building the world's most
customer-centric Company capable of providing our customers with the
best shopping experience online today, and into the future.”

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Lauren Murphy said...

Doesn't sound like this coincides with their mission statement IMO! It sounds more like a way to sh*t on the little guy and fatten their already large pockets. *Shakes head* Really sad.