Sunday, August 3, 2008

The evolution of game night

It used to be, the family sat around to listen to the shows on the radio done LIVE. Then it was TV, then board games and card games... Now?

The Wii has struck.

Yep, we have one now. And surprisingly, I've played more on it since Saturday then I've played any video game in memory. I'm looking into getting the FIT, and I know the boy wants a driving game. He bought the wheel without even having a game for it yet. It was his allowance, his choice. Cart before the horse, I know, but it's what he wanted.

It's quite fun actually. The games take some getting used to, and the motion of it is NOT like anything else out there. There's a Mii, a cyber character you can create to be 'yourself' on the game as you go along. But I guess if it gives us a chance to do something as a family, if we're having fun, teaching the boy to be a good loser, because yeah, he's six, he loses a LOT, then... I guess it was worth the money.

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