Sunday, August 10, 2008

Release for Jennifer McKenzie!!

The Sequel “Edge Of The Storm” is OUT!!!!


On the run for crimes he didn’t commit, Coast Guard Petty Officer Matthew Sands comes home to Dutch Harbor to find the truth. Signing on to a crab fishing boat was supposed to hide him until he could clear his name; instead he finds even more trouble, in the form of one Kelly Shannon.

Kelly is looking for her own answers. She’s on the hunt for a killer who robbed her of the first, and only, man she’s ever loved. What she finds on The Athena is more questions than answers - and Matthew Sands.

With the passion between them as wild as the terrain, can Kelly and Matt work together to uncover a ruthless killer? Or will the murderer find them first?

On the edge of the storm, survival is far from guaranteed.

Available Now!!



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