Monday, August 25, 2008

This Week: In Diana's Head

ist1_6135370-heart-in-the-brain Sorry folks that I missed last week. Had a small catastrophe strike, but I hope we're moving past it now. So the latest for this week? I've joined the most awesome Crit group. Not only have they helped me with a story, they've helped restore a little of that "I know what I'm doing" feeling. Have really not been feeling that lately. I'm not sure if the story I have them reading will ever see the light of day. I'm not in that part of brain right now, so it makes it hard to focus on the revision suggestions.

So what have I been doing if I'm not "in"? I've been reading. Like a LOT. LOL I've read image, image (Runaway Cowboy. I know it's hard to see at that size),  image, and image. That's been my reading diet the last few days. Really all over the board, I know. I'm trying to make some kind of a dent in the TBR pile behind me. I counted. I also have 80+ books on the PDA to read. Yeah, I'm not short on reading material.

I do want to tell you to watch this blog and my announcement list, and anywhere I hang out in the near future. Why? Because I've got a contest coming to help celebrate my first print release!!! I can't wait to get this one out of the gate. It's so close I can taste it... Okay, maybe not. I don't guess print paper really tastes all that good. But I'm super excited!

So I guess that's about it for this week, in my head. It's a little dusty in here anymore. Should really do something about the dust bunnies, but they keep me company. LOL

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Ava Rose Johnson said...

Yay on finding a great crit group Diana! It's never easy to find the right fit.

I really should pick up that Tawny Taylor book. I love her stuff. I bet it was really hawt!