Friday, September 12, 2008

To my south Texas friends

 image019 Hurricane Ike. Yeah, if you live around the Gulf, you know that name. He's due to hit today. We'll get some rain but we're pretty far inland. It won't be too bad overall.

No, he's not Katrina, but he's a close relative. Nasty, blustery and full of himself.

Hannah just finished her eastern seaboard tour. Gave New York some serious issues there for a day or two.

Storms this bad have been plentiful and we still have two and a half months to get through in the season. It runs July-November, but that's ballpark. As we know, the hurricane season doesn't follow a calendar, or mark off appointments...

"Let's see, I have a Tuesday date with Florida, then an all nighter in Louisiana. Oh! If I pick up steam, I can hit Texas with a real wave!"

Um, yeah, they don't do that, but they do cause a lot of havoc.

So I just wanted to wish the folks in the path, those about to be drenched, to stay safe and dry if possible. I know a lot Houston has been told to batten the hatches and stay put to avoid the massive gridlock that happened a few years ago when Rita hit.

To all my friends, I'll be thinking of you. Take care.

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