Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Book News

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Jaclyn’s Ghost by Dorlana Vann

A quirky and romantic supernatural mystery

After fashion model Jaclyn Jade is murdered, she has 48 hours to uncover the reason she didn’t advance to Heaven. With the help of an intriguing ghost of a man who died in the 1920s and a psychic who can speak to the dead, her search for answers initiates a quirky journey of self-discovery. Personalities, eras, and worlds collide as the mismatched trio try to solve the mystery of Jaclyn’s death.

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Published By: Tease Publishing LLC 
ISBN # 978-1-934678-52-7

Print Available Spring 2009

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Jaclyn’s Ghost excerpt:

Jaclyn stared at the stranger. Nothing made sense. He wore a black jacket over a double-breasted vest and dress pants. Clearly it had been bought off the rack, but still, it was a bit much for a burglar. She also wondered why he hadn’t left when he had the chance. If he wanted to hurt her, why hadn’t he even tried? The way he leaned against the doorframe, his arms crossed, he almost seemed to be amused by her chaos. “Did someone hire you to pull a prank on me? Is that it? Are you an actor? Just tell me what’s going on and who’s in that bed, and maybe I’ll tell the cops to go easy on you.”

“If that’s truly what you want.” He held up his hands and took a couple of steps inside the room.

“Now, you’re starting to piss me off. Just tell me who is in my bed!”

He grinned. “It’s you. Well, the former you. You see, now you’re you, and that’s just a body.”

The man stood a handshake away. Jaclyn tried to ignore the hazy luster around him—too much to think about at that moment—but she couldn’t disregard his attractive face, his square jaw, and his deep black eyes, which at that moment seemed insanely sincere. “Oh... my... goodness.”

“I know... it’s really crazy.”

“No. You’re psychotic.” Without giving herself another chance to chicken out, Jaclyn marched over to her bed and tossed back the bedspread.

Her mouth fell open as she took a step back. It’s just a trick. It’s just someone who looks a lot like me and went to a great deal of trouble to play a joke. She had the same long blonde hair, the same fair skin, the same nose and the same... everything.

Jaclyn decided to wake the imposter and tell her to take her boyfriend and get the hell out of her apartment. But when she reached down to shake the woman, her hand went smooth through the shoulder like it was made of smoke. She jerked her hand back immediately and took an apprehensive breath.



“This is an extremely high paced book, full of mystery and paranormal experiences. I give it 5 stars for its incredible uniqueness.”

“I found myself wanting to know more almost from the first page. This story made me laugh out loud and I had an almost constant smile on my face.”

“Although JACLYN'S GHOST—DEATH CARD is short at just 102 pages, it is long on suspense, humor and romance.”

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Sheryl Tuttle said...

I agree - it's a 5 star story! I loved it.