Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Week: In Diana's Head


Are you a tone deaf reader?

I think I might be.

There's always discussions happening somewhere about who has what voice, or how one writer "sounds" like another in style, or pace, or even content. I don't care.

I just read a duet where Christine Feehan is paired with Susan Sizemore. 1017300  Both were great stories but here's the thing. I didn't find a huge boulder in between the stories when it came to how they sounded in my head when I read them. I read them with hardly a break between either.

Now if I was reading, and I have been, MaryJanice D., that would be a huge change of voice and moreso of writing style, because it's a first person story. And rather wacky at that. But right after Susan's story, I grabbed an American Romance (Harlequin) off my shelf. This is where I began to wonder if I'm tone deaf.

Or if more than likely I'm just more apt to read the story for the sake of the story before anything else. Y'know... Weirder things have happened.

So are you tone deaf? Can you "hear" the writer voice and nuance in your mind as you read their words in your internal voice? And do you give the characters voices? I know I do. But I can't with my own characters.

But that's another blog altogether.


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