Friday, January 16, 2009

charity auction for a good cause

Charity Auction
Jan 19-26th

Katy is a sixteen year old avid reader and aspiring author and
illustrator who has won local awards for her artwork. Just before
Christmas, Katy and her mother became homeless. They were evicted
from their apartment and have been living in hotel rooms (when they've
been lucky) or their car (when they've not been so lucky) since then.
Katy has been blogging about life on the streets, and you can read all
about how this incredibly sweet mother and daughter ended up in this
situation here: As
Katy states on her blog, "Homelessness has many faces. And sometimes
it happens to have a computer." Both Katy and her mother seem to have
very positive outlooks, but it's clear they're in some real trouble.

That's where this auction comes in. All proceeds will go toward
helping Katy and her mother get back on their feet. This is a pair
that are actively looking for ways to improve their situation, and
just need a little push to help them get there. So, please bid
generously and know that you're doing a wonderful thing to help two
wonderful people.

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