Saturday, January 31, 2009

Teazr Newsletter Vol. 1

This contest is open to ANYONE who happens to read it. For you
authors out there, that means you can fwd it on to your fans if you
want. Editors and other staff, you can print if off (sorry about it
being 6 pages long...I got carried away) and leave a couple copies at
your local second-hand book store, at your other jobs, where ever you
want. Like I said, it's open to ANYONE. And if all this happens to
have the little side-effect of spreading the word about Tease, its
authors and the books they've written, well that would just be a
happy coincidence now wouldn't it? LOL!

Volume 1 is in the files section. Take a look. Eventually it will be
going out as an actual email. But until I figure out how to make my
program obey me, PDF (courtesy of Cara, thanks girl!) will certainly

If anyone has questions, suggestions, news to share...whatever, you
can email me.

Kisses, Hugs and Spanx,

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