Tuesday, January 20, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

Sorry for the later than usual weekly post. I'm recovering from a root canal and not quite all here... No comments from the peanut gallery on the state of my mind please. :)

As promised, here are the results from last week's polls.

Thanks to Poll Daddy for the results. Thank you to everyone who took the time to make their opinion known. I'd smooch you, but ... Well, only half of my face is working right now. ;)

#1. Do you feel these file sharing sites have encouraged or hindered sales?

File Sharing sites have noticeably cut into my sales.1270.59%

Maybe brought in new readers.529.41%

Encouraged new readers! Yay!0 0%

#2. Do you downloand non-public domain books from file sharing sites?

yes0 0%

#3. If you answered the first question 'yes', do you purchase the same in any other format to keep?


no0 0%

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