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RunnersMoonSimolif_B_Frontsm Almost seven years ago they landed on Earth -- thirty-one aliens, fugitives from a lifetime of slavery and cruelty. Now they were dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities.

Simolif knew when his brother Jebaral found his life's mate. The blood lines in his arm had increased by one. And the sight of it had thrilled him like nothing else could . . . unless he, too, could find someone who could accept him for what he was, and who would not scream in fright to see his true self.

He never expected to find Professor Sarah Drumman. As an astronomer, she suspected there were creatures from another galaxy now walking the Earth. And she wanted to prove her theory to the world.

Their meeting would forever change their lives. Too bad hers meant nothing to the creatures who also had landed on Earth looking for their missing cargo.



It was dusk but not dark enough to turn on her headlights. Still, Sarah was stunned to see the elegant figure casually leaning against the polished black motorcycle when she turned the corner and pulled up next to the gate. Staring mutely at his impeccably dressed figure as he unfurled himself from where he had been waiting, she was unaware that the gate’s security system had recognized her car and begun opening for her to pass through. Simon made a gesture for her to drive in. Nodding slightly, Sarah drove into the complex and around to her parking slot. Simon followed on the big shiny Harley.

There was an uncovered space two slots over from hers. Visitors were allowed to park in the uncovered spaces, but he already seemed to know that and pulled into it before she had the chance to tell him. She stood near the trunk of her car and continued to watch in mute fascination as he parked the bike and got off. He was dressed in a pair of creased khaki pants and a long-sleeved shirt. A black helmet and a black leather jacket were tied to the rear of the seat. And on top of them was a dark pink tulip. Her eyes got wider.

A tulip?

Before she could comment, or even give him a hello, Simon grabbed the flower and started to approach her.

Whoa. A flower. The flower was for her.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of the sight of the partially opened bud riding in his fingers. No one had ever brought her flowers before. Least of all a strange man whom she’d just met. And the ones her father had sent her before he died didn’t count.

Sarah raised her eyes to see his nearly turquoise ones staring right at her. Every hope, every wish she had fought and argued against suddenly came back with a vengeance. He approached her slowly, moving closer and closer until she felt inexorably pulled toward him. His body was a magnet determined to dominate her. Determined to guide her toward that precipice and let her go free-falling toward ... what?

What does it matter if he’s right there falling with you?

She had to say something, anything, no matter how bland it sounded. Her panties were getting wetter and her knees shakier with every step he took.

"I thought you were going to call me." The accusation in a pissed-off tone of voice came out of her mouth. Sarah blinked and took one mental step back.

"Forgive me. Although I actually said I would contact you, not call you." Simon stopped less than a yard away and held out the tulip. It was a lovely bud on the verge of opening. The color reminded her of freshly scrubbed lips right after a morning’s tooth brushing. Or baby toes. Blushing pink little baby toes.

"What makes you smile, Sarah?"

Her head jerked up at his question. "Huh?"

Chuckling in that deep, dark way he had that turned her insides gooey, he held out the flower for her to take. "I’m not familiar with your dating customs here. So if I do something wrong, please don’t take it personally. In fact, you would be doing me a favor by correcting me." Giving the tulip a little shake, he mutely urged her to take it. "I was told you might like this. I hope the smile is a result of it."

Not familiar with the dating customs?

Well, crap, Sarah. He’s not from around here, remember? For that blunder you just earned yourself a place in the Idiots’ Hall of Shame.

She reached out to take the flower from his fingers. His hand shifted, taking hers as she accepted the bud.

Warmth poured like a deluge from his body into hers. It shot through her arm and went straight to her heart and lungs, until every breath she took afterwards sent contentment and joy rushing through every vein.

Her fingers involuntarily clutched his hand as these unexpected feelings closed around her. She heard a gasp, then realized it had come from her. A moment later Simon was standing so close to her she could feel the heat of his body through his clothes. He continued to hold her one hand, but his other one was now resting along her neck. Her eyes lifted to find him searching her face.

"Are you all right? You went pale." The tender concern nearly was her undoing.

"I’m ... I’m ..." Oh, damn, she couldn’t think straight! She could barely breathe, but when she did the air was infused with that light, minty aroma. Heaven help her, but the man was intoxicating!


Runner’s Moon: Simolif
Book 3 of the "Runner’s Moon" Series
An erotic sci-fi romance novel
by Linda Mooney
Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
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Size: 71K (novel)
Genre: sci-fi erotic romance
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Readers' Choice #1 Torrid Bestseller Of The Month

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Linda Mooney said...

Thank you for shining the spotlight on my Simon! Unlike my first two RUNNER'S MOON books, this one had a life of its own. I had NO idea where it was going to take me! LOL!

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