Thursday, February 12, 2009

Raffle and prizes at Romantic Inks!

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On March 1st, Romantic Inks ( will be selling raffle tickets for various bundles. But we're in need of books, both print and e-book, to add to these bundles.
The goal:
Last year we held an auction to raise money for RWA Conference Scholarships and were able to send 3 aspiring authors to conference. Awesome right? Well this year we want to go with a raffle and we're hoping to send at least one person, but hey, 3 or more would great *again*.
We're having four raffling pools
1. E-Book bundle -- This will constitute of nothing but E-items. Nothing to be emailed to the winner of the raffle drawing.
2. A Book Basket -- Mostly of books donated by authors but can have other items, such as cover flats, book plates and bookmarks. This will be mailed to the winning raffle ticket holder.
3. A website design by Enchanted Web Style *cough my business cough*. A custom website design on the wordpress platform.
4. RWA Pot -- This will solely be for those wanting to win the RWA Conference Scholarship funds. They must enter this one to be eligible to win the Pot but are not required to enter any of the others.
If you'd like to donate, to the first two, please contact me at romanticinks (no spaces).
Donations will be accepted from now until Feb. 28th! The raffle will begin on March 1st and winners will be drawn on April 1st. What a great April fool's day right?

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