Monday, February 2, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

Well, suffice it to say, it's been one of those weekends. The boy has been sick since Saturday night. He had a blast staying his first night over at a friend's Friday night, and then played all day Saturday after I picked him up. By Saturday night he was "freezing" when it wasn't cold and exhausted.

Yep, saw that train coming a mile away.

So now we're looking at day three and a doctor's appointment in the morning, surprisingly enough for a totally unrelated to the virus illness, but hey, two birds/one stone. Why not? I'm hoping I don't get overly sick from it, but I feel a little worn down and a bit flushed, so I don't think I'm coming out from this unscathed. Oh, and no Karate this week because of it. So he'll have to make up the missed class to get his hours for the session. Oh, what fun! :s

On the writing front, I'm waiting on the edits of the second Shifter book, A Trust Earned by the end of February. Should be coming soon, and the book should be released around April, then printed as a Duet with Trusting Delilah. Both the first books are Novella length, under 50k a piece.

On a side note, I've really gotten hooked on Soduko. I had no idea what the strategy was. I mean, how am I suppose to know how the numbers go in a 3x3 box? Okay, I wasn't looking at the whole picture. Been known to happen. Now I'm completely obsessed with it. :)

Lastly, I got my hands on a free Ipod. Yes, I've been assimilated. OMG! I can't believe I never bought one before now. I was actually looking to get a small one to see if it would be something I'd go for. I listen to music constantly. Seemed like a no-brainer, right? Well... I'm cautious about spending money on electronics. I just always have been. But I love this...the capacity, the options. I hope to upgrade in the near future, maybe to an Itouch. I don't have a need for the Iphone. And I think MP3 shopping could be the greatest evil on this earth. One I could easily see myself doing-constantly. LOL!!

Well, that's the scoop for now. I'll update in a day or two on the boy (and myself). Thanks for stopping in.


Chiron said...

Hope your boy feels better soon, Diana! Sending love and hugs your way...

Can you believe how wonderful the iPod is?? My hubby got us a Bose sounddock for the iPod and now he won't listen to anything else. Hah!

Smiles and hugs,

Sandy said...

Poor Diana, I hope you don't come down with what Johnny has.

I can't listen to music and write, but walking is a different thing.