Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Week: In Diana's Head

diana's head 

A picture is worth....


A thousand words. Or just my undying heartfelt gratitude. I give you the artistic talent of my cover artist with Tease, Amanda Kelsey. A wonderful lady who lives in Northern Europe and is a riot. She works hard and does awesome beautful work. So this is a kudo to you, my dear. Be prepared to be embarressed.


   CrowningWeb  CrowningCover Final  theLibrarian'sSecret_thumb 

   Eweb   TD_ATE_PWeb   ATE_EWeb   Unbound Trust_200x300  AziaClanCastillejaWrap Cover

  AizaClanBookmark_BACK    AizaClanBookmark_FRONT   CrowningBookmark_FRONT CrowningBookmark_BACK 


For more of this talented lady's work, please visit her here:

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