Monday, January 18, 2010

Membership Drive!

We're inviting the virtual community to join readers, authors, publishers, and reviewers at Just Another Paranormal Monday each and every Monday. Over 500 members strong, Just Another Paranormal Monday is the perfect place to kick up your heels and talk with other readers about paranormal books, movies, and unexplainable topics interesting to those of us who love paranormal.


Coming later this month, the moderators of Just Another Paranormal Monday will open submissions for two fabulous anthologies. Members are invited to submit their paranormal submissions for our Halloween and Christmas anthology projects. More details will post to the JAPM Loop next week.


Authors and publishers: JAPM members and moderators TWEET about the posts on the loop. If you want more exposure, stop by and chat with Just Another Paranormal members.


We're having a ball on Mondays!


Diana Castilleja

Diana Castilleja || Diana DeRicci

Unbound Trust || Coming Soon!
Crowning A Warrior King || Print
Aiza Clan Shifter Combo 1&2 || Print
The Eternal Kiss || Print

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Destiny Blaine said...

Stopping by to blow a few kisses your way! :)) You make Just Another Paranormal Monday extra special!