Thursday, January 21, 2010

A new low....

Okay, so we alll know piracy sucks, takes money away from authors, editors, publishers, and yet the pirates don't give a flying flip that they are STEALING money right out of our paychecks, disregarding even those who have no other income BUT our writing. Yes Pirates, that's you making us go on welfare and grovel, Thank you! I feel so flattered that you "found" me and read me, but never spend a penny for the right.

Well here's an all new low.

There are requests for the All Romance Ebooks 28 Days of Hot, Heartfelt Romance books ON PIRATE SITES already! And they're not even released yet!!

Yes, they are STEALING FROM A CHARITY! They are requesting to PIRATE stories, whose sole purpose is to raise money for the American Heart Association. (The stories were written and are being released to give 100% of the proceeds to the AHA.)

Makes you all warm and fuzzy, doesn't it? Makes me want to hurl. This is really a new low. I wonder how they'll "justify" their way out of this one.

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