Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Another one?

Good grief! How many communities can one person belong to?

Apparently.. A lot

Author's Den

Well yeah, you get the picture. Some serve a purpose, such as Author's Den or Gather. But I was invited to one yesterday that I've actually found useful. Let me stress, it's useful becuase it serves a purpose for me. No, I'm not dating (Myspace), and while I like the idea of "friends" (Bebo) I honestly spend enough time already online. I'm there, if at least in spirit.

So what's the deal about this one?
Two things: There's no limit or ceiling of quantity of books on your "shelf" and the second one is they have author pages, a promotional tool, where readers can find more about you and your writing. Um, what author wouldn't like being "found" by a new fan? Oh, and the best part? It's free!! No membership, no annual or lifetime or anything.

This really cool Author tool and readers playground?

It works much like many of them do, with rating and comments and review boxes, but I can put my entire library (or nearly once I get it straightened out) on the shelves there. I exceeded LibraryThing like four times over. And I have a database already, I'm not paying for an online one too.

So if I have one saved already, why do one online? That's easy. It's a back up. Anything happens to my personal collection, I have documented proof of what I own. If anything happens to my computer (KOW), I have the one online.

So that's my internet tip of the day. There's a ton of authors listed, and readers in every genre. Go and see who you haven't read, or share with those on the ones you have read. Discuss. It's actually a nice little hangout.

Diana Castilleja
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Dana Belfry said...

It's WAY too much.

BTW I can't believe you tagged me! I totally thought I'd snuck past it all. RATS!

I'm blogging it in conjuction with my TT.

Barrie said...

Interesting....I wonder how it compares to shelfari?

Diana Castilleja said...

I'm a member of shelfari too, but the constant spam membership emails I "sent" when I didn't approve them to be sent turned me off.

That may have been fixed.

Sela Carsen said...

I just joined Library Thing and I'm using it more to keep track of what I'm reading than to catalog what I already own. What's their limit?

Diana Castilleja said...

They have a limit of 200 books for their unpaid shelf. Limitless if you pay.

I really just cycle my books. TBR is in my office somewhere, read is in a box until it's full, then it goes in the garage. Eventually, I hope to have room for a full library or at least a full wall. :)