Friday, January 18, 2008

Releases today!

Crowning A Warrior King is out!!

Life has been calm and quiet for Aran for almost seven years since
moving into Banter. She is a prosperous business owner, has friends,
and helps those in need without question. Yet a delivery of a
mysterious jewel encrusted box changes all of that for her in an

Not only is the mysterious box enchanted, revealing someone knows of
her deepest secrets, it imprisons a man unlike any other. Bold,
fearsome, strong. A warrior from a place she's never heard of, a land
she's never known. And the most glaring fact to his arrival is she is
the only one with the knowledge to set him free, with a magic he
cannot trust.

Rordan must return to the kingdom of Eglandor to stop the wicked
sorceress who has imprisoned him, deliver the throne to King Tah-lel's
appointed heir, and fulfill his destiny with the woman from another
time, another world. And there's only so much time to do it all with
the King's health failing and an uprising from within only waiting for
the moment to claim the throne.

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