Sunday, January 27, 2008


Dear Author has brought up another really good question disguised as a post. I love it when it she does that.

My take is that yes when you mention e-publishing, people are misinformed, or ignorant that there is anything other than erotic available. Case in point, as stated in her post, several of the highest bestsellers from Samhain (this week) and All Romance Ebooks are multiple partner romances.

So why don't more people know there's non-erotic? Honestly, I have my opinions on this. Consumers go to sites that provide what they are shopping for (using myself as an example). You don't go to Target when you're looking for the latest polical news. I don't freqent Amber Quill, or Ellora's Cave, two favorites among many readers.

The average ratio of (specialized with either a division or a non-erotic theme) publishers is 1 to 6, non-erotic to erotic. (roughly)

There is also the argument that it's a consumer driven market, but that leads back to a lack of information to possible consumers. I can talk to five people at any given time and none will know about e-books. Does age factor into that? Yes. (Another post for another day) Also that it's just easier for women to buy their "porn" anonymously online, rather than over the counter.

This attitude I think also creates another problem because Romance isn't porn, but the insinuation is that all the romance online is.

Rather disheartening for those (Me) who don't write either Erotic or Romantic Porn.

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Sara Dennis said...

I think there's a lot of personal investment in this conversation, and I'm sort of surprised it's stayed civil thus far. Pleased, but surprised.

I think the whole knowing what's available issue is huge. I'm very tempted to pop around to the various houses and just start making a list of the non-erotic stuff that's coming out every week. I don't have the time to review them, as such, but spreading the word might help a little.

Diana Castilleja said...

Yes, it could get out of hand very easily, and for now, I'm glad that it hasn't, because I sure don't want it to.

A lot of what's available (not all, and not by a long shot) is on SRN. A large number of the publishers, and the authors who write the stories are on the website.

Sara Dennis said...

Ahha, good point. :) I should look there.

I'm aiming for a what's available this week sort of thing. :)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

You know, I'm kind of sad that the review site on SRN didn't fly (my fault I know). A place that reviews EXCLUSIVELY sweet romance would be an awesome resource for the audience we know is out there.
Like ebooks, it will take time (I think) for the audience who wants the non-erotic stuff finds us.
The interesting thing is that my NON-EROTIC titles have done better in the long run than my dirty stuff.
I think that's hopeful.
Hang in there. And dang it Sara, where's the next Sara Dennis book?

Sara Dennis said...

(Sorry for stealing your blog for this, Diana.)

Sara took some books to NY and was hoping the next one would come from there. Doesn't look like that's the case, yet anyway.

So maybe later this year, depending on what gets finished/bought/etc.

Toni Sue said...

Good blog subject! You are right though, it could get heated. I'm one of those 'in between' authors who just figured out she really can't write the hot stuff. I tried it with One Wild Weekend, but yanked in the reins some with Click! I do know that the hotter the e-book, the bigger the sales least these days! Who knows where the market will be tomorrow though.

Diana Castilleja said...

I don't have a contention with heat. There's a market and it will sell.

The point that E=erotic=ebook is a hard train to derail. There is more out there, but again, it's a matter of getting the general public informed.

There's a thousand reasons why hotter sells. There's more of it. There's more promotional platforms (groups, loops and sites). There's louder efforts made by the publisher and advertising. There's a lack of education beyond the publishing pool. These are just a few of the bigger ones I've seen.

The market changes everyday. I have hopes for a more balanced market, but the E equation has to be corrected before people even understand that there is more than erotic to enjoy.

Then again, people who want sweet and traditional toned books can buy them in the traditional stores and venues, so there's no need to come online to find them.

We'll see what the future brings.